Cloning from GitHub

The first tutorial shows how to clone the Daggerfall Unity source code from GitHub, followed by a quick escape from Privateer’s Hold to check everything is working normally.

Level: Beginner
Type: Video


Getting Started

Level: Beginner
Type: Document

If you cloned the full project from GitHub, you can skip most of the initial scene and project setup and just open Assets/Scenes/BasicScene.unity to begin. This is the quickest way to get up and running before stepping through tutorials.

If you’d like to setup your project and scene manually, and gain a deeper understanding of Daggerfall Tools for Unity, it’s recommended to step through this tutorial first and get everything ready manually. You can download a pre-built asset package from the Daggerfall Tools for Unity project page.


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Old Tutorials

Note: The following tutorials are for an older version of DFTFU. They might not work as expected in current releases.