Distribute Mods


Textures can easily be released as Png files, to be placed inside StreamingAssets\Textures. It’s important to note that textures found in here will be applied to both vanilla and custom models, so it’s up to modders who create models to choose the name accordingly. Vanilla textures which should be affected by this, should be named with the usual Archive_record-frame, while new textures should have unique names to avoid involuntary replacement (for example place your name or the name of your mod in front of it).


Models and Flats

Models can be released inside mods. We can easily do so with the Mod Builder, found in the Unity editor under the Daggerfall Tools tab.  Here you can read a tutorial on how to use it.

It’s important to note that only the GameObject, meaning the .prefab, should be imported. Do not include mesh, material or textures, as the required components are imported automatically; this might not be true if you include advanced components such as sprites or lights.

Before releasing your mod, always test it with the latest build and check the log for any unwanted error (like a missing texture or similar).