Effect System Status


Effects are the heart of Daggerfall’s spells, magic items, potions, diseases, advantages & disadvantages, and more. Almost anything that operates on an entity (such as the player or an enemy in game) by raising/lowering some attribute can be considered an effect. Each effect has a fairly singular purpose, for example “damage health” or “cure poison”.

This page shows the current state of effect system in Daggerfall Unity. Items are colour-coded to the following legend:

  • Feature Complete (all done but subject to bug fixes and future refinements)
  • Mostly Complete (almost there, could be waiting on another system)
  • In Progress (work started but still has some way to go)
  • Not Started (work is yet to begin on this item)
  • Unscheduled (work will not begin within time frame of current version)

Effects are grouped based on what they target. Groupings may change as effect system is built. Effects not implemented in classic Daggerfall are not shown but may be added later to core or by mods. You can learn more about Daggerfall’s effects and the spells which use them on this UESP page.

Note: During development, effects marked as complete may not yet be available to all systems. For example, spells might be further developed than potions.



  • Paralysis
  • Disintegrate



  • Cure Disease
  • Cure Poison
  • Cure Paralysis
  • Cure Magic



  • Damage Health
  • Damage Stamina
  • Damage Spell Points



  • Dispel Magic
  • Dispel Undead
  • Dispel Daedra



  • Drain Strength
  • Drain Intelligence
  • Drain Willpower
  • Drain Agility
  • Drain Endurance
  • Drain Personality
  • Drain Luck



  • Resist Fire
  • Resist Cold
  • Resist Poison
  • Resist Shock
  • Resist Magicka



  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Intelligence
  • Increase Willpower
  • Increase Agility
  • Increase Endurance
  • Increase Personality
  • Increase Speed
  • Increase Luck



  • Heal Strength
  • Heal Intelligence
  • Heal Willpower
  • Heal Agility
  • Heal Endurance
  • Heal Personality
  • Heal Speed
  • Heal Luck
  • Heal Health
  • Heal Stamina



Last updated 28 February 2018