Mod Showcase 1 Demo

I’ve said it many times: Daggerfall Tools for Unity is a platform. Besides helping to recreate the game, DFTFU can be used to remaster and re-imagine Daggerfall, or create whole new games in a similar style. Merging Daggerfall’s content with a powerful engine like Unity provides limitless potential.

Nothing shows off this potential more than mods created over the last several weeks by Nystul, LypyL, and Uncanny_Valley. These range from graphical enhancements and world improvements to silly fun like turning Daggerfall into a flight simulator. I’m so very proud to show off their hard work in the below video and to provide a playable demo for you to experience their work first-hand.

DFTFU Mod Showcase 1 – Playable Demo

What’s Included

  • Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.3.11 [Interkarma/Gavin Clayton]
  • Increased Terrain Distance 1.4 [Nystul/Michael Rauter]
  • Floating Origin Updates [LypyL]
  • Enhanced Sky 1.6 [LypyL]
  • DaggerJet 1.1a [LypyL]
  • TravelMap2.1 [LypyL]
  • Real Grass 1.01 [Uncanny_Valley]
  • Birds In Daggerfall 1.0 [Uncanny_Valley]


See below for complete list. There is also a handy key reference created by Daschluba on the forums (click for full size).

Mod Showcase Keys


  • Mouse Move Look
  • W, S, A, D Move
  • Shift (hold) Run
  • Space Jump
  • Left Mouse Activate: open doors, enter dungeons, operate switches, etc.
  • Esc Exit game (standalone)


  • Z Toggle weapons
  • Right Mouse Drag Right-click and drag mouse to swing weapon


  • R (outside) Random location, season, time of day, and weather
  • R (dungeon) Recall back to dungeon start
  • 1-7 Preset location (keeps current season, weather, etc.)


  • P Toggle songs on/off
  • [ Play previous song in context playlist
  • ] Play next song in context playlist


  • PageUp Increase timescale.
  • PageDown Decrease timescale.


  • I Toggle mouse invert on/off
  • H Toggle high speed running on/off
  • L Toggle debug text on/off
  • O Toggle brighter torch in dungeons and at night
  • V Fast travel menu (see below for instructions)

Sky Control

  • T Toggle Enhanced/Native Sky

Jet Control

  • F6 Toggle laser (can be used without jet)
  • F7 Teleport to where laser is pointed, and exit jet if flying
  • F9 Summon and enter jet
  • F10 Change jet camera position
  • F11 Toggle free mouse look
  • F12 Spawn flying enemy while in jet
  • W, S, A, D Steer jet
  • Mouse0 Fire weapon at laser target
  • Space Air brakes – slow down jet while flying

Using Fast Travel Menu (LypyL)

  1. Hit V key to open/close travel menu.
  2. You can either set your coordinates directly using the sliders, or select a Region & Location using the Location menu and hit the Set Coordinates button.
  3. Use the toggles below the location menu button to choose what type of location to show in the menu (Cities, Dungeons, Taverns, Graveyard etc.)
  4. Once You’re ready to travel, just hit the GO button.

Fast Travel Notes (LypyL)

  • Red marker indicates your current location, the white shows where you will travel to.
  • Click and drag on the location & region menus to scroll through them
  • It’s very rare, but it’s possible to fall through the ground after traveling. If it happens (and you don’t have another solution, like the editor), just fast travel again somewhere to fix it.

Streaming World 1.2 Release Demo

I had this buried in the 1.2 release post earlier and forgot to post it to the Demos page, which means a few people might have missed out the latest demo code. Reposting just in case!




  • Huge streaming world over 60,000 square miles created at runtime.
  • Over 15,000 fully explorable locations and dungeons.
  • MIDI synthesis and context song manager.
  • Full day/night cycle, seasons, and weather effects.
  • Enemies in dungeons, including random enemies based on dungeon type.
  • Basic combat system.

Streaming World 1.2 Release Demo



  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, enter dungeons, operate switches, etc.
  • ESC to exit game (standalone).


  • Z to toggle weapons.
  • Right-click and drag mouse to swing weapon.


  • R (while outside) for random location, season, time of day, and weather.
  • R (while in dungeon) to recall back to dungeon start.
  • 1-7 for preset location (keeps current season, weather, etc.).


  • P to toggle songs on/off.
  • [ to play previous song in context playlist.
  • ] to player next song in context playlist.


  • – to reduce timescale (0-8 steps).
  • = to increase timescale (0-8 steps).


  • I to toggle mouse invert on/off.
  • H to toggle high speed running on/off.
  • L to toggle debug text on/off.

Streaming World Test 1

This is my first week back from holidays and work is kicking my butt right now. I’m not finding the time I need to really sit down and polish the streaming world demo as much as I’d like. Rather than delay it longer, I’ve decided to release a web demo for everyone to play with. That buys me time for things to settle down at work while I chip away at the final demo. Please consider this a pre-release test and forgive the rough edges.


Streaming World Pre-Release Test 1

Note: Requires the Unity Web Player.


  • Explore the entire Illiac Bay. Any region, any climate, anywhere.
  • Run smoothly between cities over actual Daggerfall terrain read from game data.
  • Full day/night cycle with animated skies and city lights.
  • Enter any building in any town or city.
  • Control an athletic player who can jump onto small buildings and sprint at high speeds through the wilderness.
  • Location beacon helps you find cities in the wilderness.
  • Entire world is built procedurally right inside your web browser.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Not optimized. Uses a lot of memory over time.
  • May encounter a brief hitch when updating sky animation or streaming in a large location.
  • No bounds checking. Possible to run off extreme edge of world or crash.
  • Running very distant from starting point will cause precision issues. A fix is in progress to resolve this.
  • No compass or map to help you navigate.
  • Cannot enter dungeons at this time.

If you encounter problems with precision or fall through ground, please use R to travel to random location or 1-4 for preset locations. See controls below.


  • Click to capture mouse (webplayer).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (webplayer).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run very fast.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • R to travel to a random location.
  • 1-4 to travel to a preset location.

I hope you have fun with this pre-release demo. Thank you for your patience while I take care of real-life stuff.

Direnni Tower – Full Demo

I’m very close to Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.0. To celebrate this upcoming milestone, I’ve created a new demo showing a bit of everything the toolset is capable of right now.

  • Explore remixed city environment during a late afternoon storm.
  • Enter any building or brave the depths of a transplanted Direnni Tower.
  • Fight dungeon inhabitants while dual-wielding heavy Daedric weapons.
  • Bash open randomly locked doors.
  • Full sound effects, played directly from Daggerfall’s effects file.

WebPlayer URL

Standalone Windows


  • Alt+F4 to exit (standalone).
  • Click to capture mouse (webplayer).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (webplayer).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • Z to sheathe and draw your weapons.
  • RIGHT-CLICK and HOLD while moving mouse in different directions to attack enemies (Daggerfall style).
  • Attack locked doors with your weapons to bash them open (25% chance per hit to open).
  • P while in dungeon to recall back to entrance.

Privateer’s Hold Combat Demo

Below is a new standalone web build showing off many of the new features soon to be available in Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.0.

Click the link below to explore Privateer’s Hold and vanquish foes with your trusty Ebony Dagger.

  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • Mouse move to look.
  • SHIFT to toggle run mode.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • RIGHT-CLICK and HOLD while moving mouse in different directions to attack enemies.
  • ESC to uncapture mouse.

Interiors Web Demo

I’ve uploaded a new web demo showing interior/exterior transitions of town buildings.

Wayrest Interiors
Controls: WSAD to move, SPACE to jump, SHIFT to toggle run, LEFTMOUSECLICK to activate doors, ESC to uncapture mouse.

I’m far from done with interiors, but the above demo is interesting in that all interiors are loaded procedurally. All interior models, layout data, and materials are converted in realtime from native binary data, right inside your web browser.

Essentially, Daggerfall’s world is being constructed from original binary data on another platform without emulation. The same could be done for an iOS or Android build, or any other platform supported by Unity. The total compressed build size is only 17MB.