Daggerfall Unity 0.10.27

Daggerfall Unity 0.10.27 is now available on Live Builds page. This release is a bug-fix update with no significant new features.

We’re now moving past the recent upgrade to Unity 2019.4 LTS and reworking text systems to support localization mods. This stage involved significant refactoring under the hood, which is why we split the builds into stable and preview releases. This also provided mod authors some time to update their mods to be compatible with future builds. Now things have settled down again and most mods have been updated, we’re dropping the stable/preview tag and just going back to rolling builds as usual.

If you run any mods with Daggerfall Unity and you’re upgrading to 0.10.26 or later, please confirm all your mods are upgraded to be compatible with 0.10.26+. The mod page on forums or Nexus should outline which version new releases are for. Even when there aren’t significant changes to the game, a mod might need a specific version to operate based on new features added over time. So by the Divines, get those mods updated!

For anyone waiting on the next Localization Tutorial on forums, I’m working on the next few tutorials in this series now. The DFU Localization system will still be considered in Preview for a while yet, at least until the Unity Localization system it’s built on enters release status. We also need to add support for translating quests and some other miscellaneous text in the game. Localization mod support will continue to improve through Beta into 1.0 and beyond.

Speaking of Beta, we’re really close now. I’m working through bugs and getting back into the last few items on Roadmap. If all goes to plan, we’ll officially roll into Beta in December. I’m expecting the Beta period to be very short as the classic gameplay systems have been cooking for some time while the DFU-specific features were built out.

That’s about it for this post. I’ll wrap up with a list of changes in this release.

General Fixes & Improvements

  • Implemented OnEnemySpawn event (joshcamas)
  • Fix cart riding audio from playing too long when movement stops (Pango)
  • Fix lunar date computations (Pango)
  • Fix display of temple shrines in text macros (Hazelnut)
  • Add protected virtual for extending potion window (Hazelnut)
  • Check Unity version against VersionInfo in mod builder (TheLacus)
  • Show target version in mod builder (TheLacus)
  • Fix rebinding input axes and duplicate highlight between left/right click (jefetienne)
  • Change crouch to keydown (action started) input (jefetienne)
  • Upgrade to Unity Localization 0.8.1 (Interkarma)
  • Upgrade to Unity Addressables 1.16.1 (Interkarma)
  • Disable runInBackground in project settings (Interkarma)
  • Range check on armour equip to fix loading saves with bad equip indices (Interkarma)
  • Change text of Hircine “Shield” to “Ring” to match actual item equip slot – note unmodded item will still look like a shield (Interkarma)
  • Fix stale building data being returned during scene load – fixes incorrect Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood building marked on map, and related building assignment issues (Interkarma)
  • Add CanDropQuestItems setting to settings.ini to allow dropping quest items (Interkarma)
  • CastWhenUsed (spell cast by item) on self now bypass level-based chance and will always succeed (Interkarma)
  • Open spell cast will now always succeed when cast by an item, but player level must still exceed that of lock (Interkarma)
  • Fix east/west seam in classic sky (Interkarma)
  • Fix font glyph rect precision for better text alignment (Interkarma)
  • Add PlaceItem “anymarker” tag to use random questmarker or itemmarker when placing item (Interkarma)
  • Fixed Sx013 to use “anymarker” tag so that Mynisera’s Letter resource can appear in any of 6 available locations like classic (Interkarma)
  • Keep broken magic items in inventory when AllowMagicRepairs enabled so broken magic items can be repaired (Interkarma)
  • Clear active crime state like classic when exiting location area or fast travelling away – guards will despawn when escaping town rather than chase player into wilderness (Interkarma)
  • Fix crime state not cleared when starting a new game (Interkarma)
  • Halve maximum number of instant guard spawns from 10 to 5 – guards can still spawn out of city watch mobile NPCs resulting in many more guards when fleeing town (Interkarma)
  • Fix Oghma Infinium incorrectly increasing level and health on use – now just gives a pool of 30 points to distribute as intended (Interkarma)
  • Show “save versus spell made” for all entities when saving 100% of magnitude based spell effect (Interkarma)
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