DFConnect Rename & Update

I’m gearing up for a new release of DFConnect, which has been renamed to Daggerfall Connect. I feel this is more in line with the naming convention of my other tools and avoids any potential misunderstanding with a trademarked property also called DFConnect.

The next build is a major update across the entire namespace. I have temporarily taken down all Daggerfall Connect pages while I update the documents, tutorials, FAQ, etc. These should be back in a couple of weeks.

To summarise, the following changes have been made to Daggerfall Connect:

  • DaggerfallConnect root namespace now contains classes and structures emitted back to applications, such as DFBlock and DFMesh. These were previously in the Arena2 namespace. The reasoning is to keep “low-level” classes in Arena2 and “high-level” classes in the root namespace.  The Arena2 namespace now only contains classes for opening files in the Arena2 folder.
  • The Utility namespace has been added. This is for mostly internal classes used by Daggerfall Connect, but may contain public classes at a later date.
  • The first reader class has been added. ImageFileReader is a vastly simplified way of opening any Daggerfall image file.
  • All image classes are now based on abstract base class DFImageFile. This allows ImageFileReader to handle all image files in a standard way and return a standard object back to applications regardless of the image file type originally opened.
  • Casing changed from lower camel casing (e.g. getFrameCount) to upper camel casing (e.g. GetFrameCount). This is to be more in line with .NET Framework conventions.

I will post more on this after Daggerfall Imaging 2 is released.

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