Direnni Tower – Full Demo

I’m very close to Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.0. To celebrate this upcoming milestone, I’ve created a new demo showing a bit of everything the toolset is capable of right now.

  • Explore remixed city environment during a late afternoon storm.
  • Enter any building or brave the depths of a transplanted Direnni Tower.
  • Fight dungeon inhabitants while dual-wielding heavy Daedric weapons.
  • Bash open randomly locked doors.
  • Full sound effects, played directly from Daggerfall’s effects file.

WebPlayer URL

Standalone Windows


  • Alt+F4 to exit (standalone).
  • Click to capture mouse (webplayer).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (webplayer).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • Z to sheathe and draw your weapons.
  • RIGHT-CLICK and HOLD while moving mouse in different directions to attack enemies (Daggerfall style).
  • Attack locked doors with your weapons to bash them open (25% chance per hit to open).
  • P while in dungeon to recall back to entrance.
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  1. Amazing!
    Had a really fun time exploring this dungeon! The game feel smoother and more clear, and because of that I found my way more easily than ever around those deadly maze of mind f***.

    I was sad that I didn’t hear music, but that’s a very minor issue.

    I found one game breaking bug though…Those ****** red doors.
    In original Daggerfall, red doors have many utility like opening to a secret area ( pretty much like it did in your build), Teleporting or simply nothing at all.

    In your build i found a red door that i think it was supposed to teleport me but it didn’t…Instead the door open to reveal nothing but the void and be able to see through the dungeon in a weird perspective.

    I don’t know myself how those red doors work exactly in the old way, but I remember them to be very buggy and learned to avoid them at all cost since they can break the game.

    Other than that it was a great experience and I absolutely love the dual welding IMO ! It look so awesome.

    Great work and good luck!

  2. I’ve been following daggerfall mods (DaggerXL is only one) for 2 years, but this is most promising project I’ve seen. Do you think it’s really possible to make a full remake of Daggerfall with Unity? And are you planing to finish this?

  3. I mean adding another features like dialogues and quests. Just hope it will be possible to make a full-functioning remake with your tool.

  4. @Solid-Head
    Thanks! I’m look looking into music. Unity doesn’t have native support for MIDI and the synth assets available are either commercially licensed or not a good fit for my needs. Probably the easiest solution would be just convert the MIDI files over to MP3 or drop in one of the excellent remasters out there. In any case, the music side of things would be easy for someone using my tools to work around. Unlike sound effects, music doesn’t really need special tool support from myself. But if I can do something here, I will.

    Yeah, those ******* red doors! 🙂 They’re pretty much broken in the game as well. The best I can do is more research and try to make them broken in the same ways. What I need to do is put in a “isRedDoor” flag somewhere so developers using my tools can decide for themselves how best to handle them.

    Cheers. My only goal was to make a great toolset for bridging Daggerfall into Unity, and I’m nearly there. I personally think DaggerXL has the remake side of things covered, so I won’t be taking that on. I do think it would be possible to make a full version of Daggerfall using my tools as a starting point, but I want to stay focused on helping others create more than I could by myself. For example, it would be amazing if other Daggerfall fans created something along the lines of Black Mesa for Daggerfall.

    That said, I do want to see new games in the Daggerfall spirit. I’m working on a tutorial/example project with two primary goals:

    1) Help people get started with Daggerfall Tools for Unity so they can make awesome stuff for us to play.

    2) Produce an infinite dungeon crawler with many roguelike elements. This will be a small but complete game in itself that everyone can play, and something others can build on.

    So it may not be the full remake you’re after, but it will be something fun. Hopefully it will also be a stepping stone for other Daggerfall fans to create more cool stuff.

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