Faction Support

Just a quick post today. I have implemented the faction back-end for Daggerfall Unity, which is a key pillar of quests and NPC dialog. Here’s the data shown as a flat list in the Unity editor. All parent-child relationships are actually in place, list is just drawn flat for debugging.


Starting faction data is parsed from FACTION.TXT and your save games are supported too! Importing a classic save will now also import your standing with all factions.

While there isn’t much happening with factions yet in Daggerfall Unity, it’s impossible to implement many gameplay systems without them. I look forward to doing much more with this data in a future build.

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  1. It would be really interesting if Daggerfall Unity expanded upon the faction system from the original game – such as accurately representing the transient alliances between Regions.

    For instance, completing generic quests inside one region might actually lower my reputation in another region that happens to be at war with the current one. Or raise it with an allied region. It seems like this was intended in the original game but, to the best of my knowledge (knowledge imparted by the mighty DAGREP.exe), regional alliances are make-believe.

  2. Also, the plagues and stuff that were supposed to knock out entire towns. If those plagues could progress by some RNG type of way…

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