First Android Build

This is cool. One of our community members, Eric, successfully created a standalone city build on Android using Daggerfall Tools for Unity.


There are some issues with the sky and controls (these are bugs on my side), but on the whole everything seems to be working OK. Interior transitions and sounds are all working. Great work Eric!

What’s great about the above screenshot is that it shows Daggerfall could run on tablets without emulation. That’s not a DOSBox build up there, that’s a native Android build. The textures, models, and sounds are all created dynamically from raw Daggerfall binary files at runtime.

I’ve created a new blog category called “Community Spotlight”. Let me know if you make anything with the toolset and I’d be more than happy to feature it here.

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  1. Cool that you mention me 😀
    I will defenitly continue working on this 🙂
    Today I was able to add an control stick for moving but I need to adjust things a bit 😀

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