Light Import

I have nearly completed light import options for cities and dungeons. The Inspector panel for lights is below. Here you can choose to animate lights (a basic range flicker like Daggerfall), set a custom tag, and attach a custom script.


Part of getting lights working is setting the correct window texture in outdoor locations. The glass area of windows has a reserved index of 255 which needs to be substituted with appropriate daytime or nighttime colours. This is set using the climate panel of the location Inspector. This will also apply a self-illuminated shader to the windows so the right areas glow at night and appear slightly brighter by day. The window options are Day, Night, or Disabled.


Just like climate texture swaps and dungeon texture swaps, your window swaps can be set at any time in the editor or by script. You can easily change this while the game is running to simulate the change from night to day. Below is the same scene with day windows (single directional light) and night windows (full point lights).


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