October Builds 0.10.9

Live Builds have been updated to version 0.10.9. This is primarily a bug-fix build, but a few new features have been added to the mix.

Edit: Builds have been updated to 0.10.10 to fix an intermittent issue with combat targeting.

World Data Overrides (Hazelnut)

This is a longer-term initiative empowering modders to edit and change the world itself by providing substitute game data on the fly. While this is still under development, substantial progress has been made and is available in Daggerfall Unity now. For an early example, the below crypt has a few customisations. I have copy-pasted Hazelnut’s words in the list below.

  • A third coffin – the centre one.
  • A fiery birdbath (or whatever you would call it) in the corridor outside the door.
  • A floating green pot which you can just see behind, a bit further down the corridor.
  • An Archaeologists sign! I needed to test new models would work, so just used the one provided by my guild mod.

This really is just the beginning. As work on this progresses, it will become more flexible and powerful. One such upcoming feature is the “worldupdate” quest action. Large mods can use this to trigger world changes from within quests. It’s exciting stuff! But please keep in mind this can take time to develop and iron out the bugs, and modders will need time to learn the systems and start producing content. Someday this will lead to mods like nothing we’ve seen to date.

If you’d like to start learning more about how this works, Hazelnut has an excellent primer here.


Interior Replacement (Uncanny_Valley)

This is complementary to Hazelnut’s work above. Uncanny_Valley has been working on a world editor and the ability for interior replacement. Here are a couple of examples Uncanny_Valley has created using his tools and recent changes to the core to generate custom interiors.



And if you haven’t seen them already, check out Uncanny_Valley’s New Locations and Skyshards mods. These adds new exterior locations and fun goals to the game not already present in game data.


Nature LOD Performance Improvements (Hazelnut)

Hazelnut has upgraded LOD handling for nature flats, resulting in substantial performance improvements to mods like Trees of Daggerfall by VMBlast. If you found this mod was too slow in the past, give it another look. With Hazelnut’s improvements, this mod now performs better than ever. Here are a few screens of VMBlast’s 3D trees (and several other mods) running. Screens are  courtesy of Kamer on the forums.


Fix “Water Everywhere” On Some GPUs (Pango)

If you have an AMD or integrated Intel GPU, you may have suffered from a shader precision issue that resulted in water tiles being display where they shouldn’t be. Thanks to Pango, the below issue has now been fixed and tilemap terrain should display perfectly on all capable GPUs.


Magic & Combat Targeting Review (Interkarma)

There have been a few persistent quirks with magic targeting for a while now. In this release, I’ve looked into how things were failing and tightened up some loose screws:

  • Slightly increased range of touch spells.
  • Slightly increased radius of area around target and area around caster spells.
  • Touch spells now use a sphere collider like weapons for easier aiming and more reliable contact.
  • Fixed bug where touch spells can collide with own missile object, resulting in a miss.
  • Fixed bug where touching caster and target colliders would result in a miss for touch spells.
  • Fixed bug where magnitude spells allowed two saving throws, resulting in damage sometimes being bypassed when not intended.
  • Player can now only release touch spells when a valid target is in range, like classic.
  • Reviewed damage mitigation prorate matches Daggerfall Chronicles and found prorate works as expected.
  • Slightly reduced radius of weapon sphere collider so you can attack enemies inside cages with less difficulty.


General Fixes & Improvements


  • Fixes to residence name resolving for quest persons

Nash Muhandes

  • Trimmed all MIDI songs to loop seamlessly


  • 3D props can now be rotated in X and Z
  • Ladders only set to interactive when setup as prop model (all vanilla ladders setup this way)
  • When replacing buildings, use original NameSeed, LocationID, and Sector values


  • Fix to Fade rendermode for billboards
  • Changed default mods directory for ModSettingsEditor
  • Support for asset injection from virtual mods
  • Store CurrentLevelUpSkill with save data to fix issue in loading screen mod
  • Support for mod changes to item templates
  • Fix precision issue with custom dungeon exit doors
  • Add IPlayerActivable interface for custom interactions
  • Fix importing books from disabled mods
  • Fix title and author of custom books
  • Improve handling of removed custom book
  • Fixes to random book creation
  • Do not use random price for custom books
  • Support for custom books now enabled by default – older installs will need to toggle on manually
  • Implement “addbook” console command
  • Check mod required version of Daggerfall Unity
  • Fix scale of custom escorting NPC faces
  • Improve support for mod presets
  • Support for live mod settings changes


  • Add possibility of quest NPC infighting (requires custom quest action)
  • Disable quest “A Mixup” as causing issues and requires further fixes
  • Prevent early assassins in Sx12 “The Emperor’s Courier”
  • Reduces legal rep penalty in K0C00Y06
  • Add safety check to K0C00Y05 when player rep too low
  • Fix stuck with dead body item from quests R0C11Y26 and R0C11Y28


  • Allow cancellation of Teleport (anchor/recall) spell
  • Smoother player movements by fixing math errors in smooth follower and unstick handling
  • Lowered stuck threshold so it doesn’t trigger while crouching
  • Improvements to video playing (stop in-game music, stop ambient sounds, hide mouse cursor)
  • Prevent accidental closure of vampire and lycantropy videos (must now use ESC to close)
  • Remove deprecated Legacy Deferred setting
  • Prevent closing bank window while inputting transfer amount
  • Do not delay quest create foe by one spawnInterval (created quest foes now spawn a bit sooner)
  • Fix missing word in A0C00Y14
  • Remove black background behind HUD spell icons
  • Raise event when teleporting out of dungeons to fix mods requiring this


  • More houses are now offered for sale by banks
  • Fix inventory behaviour near exit
  • Ensure pitch is within limits
  • Allow ship availability to be defined by mods
  • Expose horse animaton frame index for mods
  • Fix gender filtering for social quests
  • Implement “add_all_equip” console command to add all equipable items
  • Allow vanilla guilds to be overriden by mods
  • Fix custom activations to work with replaced meshes
  • Add region and location cache for when not playing in editor
  • Implement UIWindowFactory to allow mods to provide new implementations of UI windows
  • Fix gold rewards for non-guild NPCs with faction IDs
  • Fix ship purchasing popup window
  • Fix identify spell popup window


  • Fixes to interior block data reading
  • Fixes to rumour mill involving multiple factions in one rumour
  • Fix factions becoming own enemy
  • Fix Malacath summoning quest name
  • Fix circular dependencies for Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood preventing garbage collection
  • Expand %g3 macro when asking for work
  • Clear all guild affiliations when loading or starting a new game
  • Don’t display quality message when entering Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood safehouses
  • Boost jumping skill that was missing for lycanthrope characters
  • Fix PC greeting text for first question
  • Filter houses for sale from questor locations
  • Fix %qdt macro expansion


  • Fix dungeon micromap rendering incorrectly in some large dungeons
  • Increase dungeon micromap texture size


  • Fix enemy point-blank ranged attack and reduce minimum range
  • Fix player catching breath when loading underwater save
  • Fix crosshair when moving travel map using arrows
  • Allow individual Daedra in quests
  • Fix index out bounds exception
  • Fix mismatch between quest pool and quest picker listbox
  • Fix two quests decompiled incorrectly by TEMPLATE
  • Add cleanup for quests not selected in quest picker
  • Fix “named” version of “anyInfo”


  • Fix typos in game settings


  • Grammar and typo fixes to item templates and quests


  • Fix instant death of lycanthropy cure
  • Fix legacy “place npc at” site link reservation pulluting marker pool
  • Implement “clear_negativelegalrep” console command to zero out negative legal rep and clear banishments
  • Don’t use events to progress vampirism and lycanthropy (fixes another case of multiple dreams and spell instances)
  • SoulBound enchantment now supports Azura’s Star
  • Open random spawn chance formulas to modders


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