Streaming World

It's all there! Explore the entire world of 15,000+ cities and dungeons spread over more than 60,000 square miles of streaming terrain. All content is loaded right out of your own FREE Daggerfall install at runtime.

Standalone Scenes

If you don't need the whole world, you can create standalone cities and dungeons with a single mouse click.

Classic Enemies

Enemies are added automatically to procedural dungeon layouts with genuine random monster tables per dungeon type. Or build your own army in standalone scenes with an easy-to-use prefab.

Classic Weapons

Use all the classic weapons and metal types against imported enemies. Even dual-wielding is supported.

World Time

Complete Daggerfall-styled Tamrielic calendar with adjustable time scale, full day/night cycles, and lots of automation built-in.

Climate & Season

Authentic texture swaps for climate biomes and seasonal variations. Works automatically in streaming world, or take full control for standalone scenes. Simple rain and snow particles are included!

Action Support

Most classic dungeon actions are wired up automatically for you on import, along with all their sound effects.

Working Doors & Transitions

The doors all work! Enter and exit buildings and dungeons with ease, even in fully procedural scenes.

Tilemap Shader

Includes an awesome tilemap shader to render all those retro-styled ground tiles. This shader solves the problems commonly encountered when using texture atlases, mipmaps, and texture wrapping all together. It even works perfectly with the Unity terrain system!

Billboard Shader

Includes a powerful geometry shader billboard system for rendering vast forests of retro-styled trees and other billboards. It even supports animated billboards like animals and flickering torches.

Performance Features

Includes performance features that normally cost big bucks. Texture atlas generation, automatic mesh combining, and terrain stitching are all built-in for free! Large city scenes often weigh in at only a few hundred batches.

Audio Import

Audio Import

Supports all sound effects from Daggerfall. Everything that plays a sound is wired up automatically with an AudioSource at import, even in fully procedural scenes. Comes with an ambient effects player to play those creepy dungeon sounds.

MIDI Player

MIDI Player

Includes a free MIDI player for Unity based on the C# Synth Project. Use the free sound font included or replace it with your own. Includes a Song Manager to play music based on the player's location, time of day, and weather.

Awesome Tutorials


Learn the ropes with awesome tutorials. Unity beginners need ZERO coding experience to get started.

Event System

Event System

Includes a well-rounded event system with dozens of events fired at key moments. Easily extend Daggerfall Tools for Unity with your own custom code.

Open Source

Contains a mature API under development since 2009 and all-original Unity scripts. Best of all, the source code is FREE and licensed with the popular OSI-approved MIT License.

Powered by Unity


Use all the shiny features available in Unity 5 and target major platforms such as PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web browsers. Unity even has an awesome FREE version available.

Active Community

Best of all, Daggerfall Tools for Unity has an active and growing community helping to make it better. Check out of these awesome mods created by our community members.