Streaming World Test 1

This is my first week back from holidays and work is kicking my butt right now. I’m not finding the time I need to really sit down and polish the streaming world demo as much as I’d like. Rather than delay it longer, I’ve decided to release a web demo for everyone to play with. That buys me time for things to settle down at work while I chip away at the final demo. Please consider this a pre-release test and forgive the rough edges.


Streaming World Pre-Release Test 1

Note: Requires the Unity Web Player.


  • Explore the entire Illiac Bay. Any region, any climate, anywhere.
  • Run smoothly between cities over actual Daggerfall terrain read from game data.
  • Full day/night cycle with animated skies and city lights.
  • Enter any building in any town or city.
  • Control an athletic player who can jump onto small buildings and sprint at high speeds through the wilderness.
  • Location beacon helps you find cities in the wilderness.
  • Entire world is built procedurally right inside your web browser.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Not optimized. Uses a lot of memory over time.
  • May encounter a brief hitch when updating sky animation or streaming in a large location.
  • No bounds checking. Possible to run off extreme edge of world or crash.
  • Running very distant from starting point will cause precision issues. A fix is in progress to resolve this.
  • No compass or map to help you navigate.
  • Cannot enter dungeons at this time.

If you encounter problems with precision or fall through ground, please use R to travel to random location or 1-4 for preset locations. See controls below.


  • Click to capture mouse (webplayer).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (webplayer).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run very fast.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • R to travel to a random location.
  • 1-4 to travel to a preset location.

I hope you have fun with this pre-release demo. Thank you for your patience while I take care of real-life stuff.

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  1. The only hope left for a modern Daggerfall port. If only there was a forum in this site. A community could grow to help support the project.

  2. I agree completely. Right now there’s a bit of a developer community forming around the DFTFU Subreddit below.

    This is probably OK while things are still taking off, but once everything scales up (which hopefully it will), I’d really like a proper community forum where developers and end users can hang out to share their work and give feedback.

    I have been looking into setting up a new forum and community workshop for when the time comes, and should have this ready in a few months. Hopefully by then the developer community will have grown enough to need it.

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