Streaming World Test 2

A new build of the streaming world pre-release demo is now available.

New Features!

  • A MIDI synthesizer has been integrated with Daggerfall Tools for Unity. You can now play music from the game!
  • Control passage of time by adjusting time scale.
  • Improved memory handling and other bug fixes.

See full notes below for new controls.


Streaming World Pre-Release Test 1

Linux Note: You may need to set theย .x86 or .x86_64 to allow executing as program. The standalone Linux build is still an early test. If you have problems, please contact me with your specs and screenshots of issue if possible.


  • Click to capture mouse (web player).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (web player).
  • ESC to exit game (standalone).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run very fast.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • R to travel to a random location.
  • 1-4 to travel to a preset location (more presets will be added to final build).
  • New: P to replay current song.
  • New: [ to load previous song.
  • New: ] to load next song.
  • New: – to reduce time scale.
  • New: = to increase time scale.


  • Explore the entire Illiac Bay. Any region, any climate, anywhere.
  • Run smoothly between cities over actual Daggerfall terrain read from game data.
  • Full day/night cycle with animated skies and city lights.
  • Control passage of time by adjusting time scale.
  • A MIDI synthesizer has been integrated with Daggerfall Tools for Unity. You can now play music from the game!
  • Enter any building in any town or city.
  • Control an athletic player who can jump onto small buildings and sprint at high speeds through the wilderness.
  • Location beacon helps you find cities in the wilderness.
  • Entire world is built procedurally right inside your web browser.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Not optimized.
  • May encounter a brief hitch when updating sky animation or streaming in a large location.
  • No bounds checking. Possible to run off extreme edge of world or crash.
  • Running very distant from starting point will cause precision issues. A fix is in progress to resolve this.
  • No compass or map to help you navigate.
  • Cannot enter dungeons at this time.

Note: If you encounter problems with precision or fall through ground, please use R to travel to random location or 1-4 for preset locations. See controls below.


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  1. Hi Zeph. Could you give me an example of where doors rotate 360 degrees? I haven’t seen this bug before, and the scripts are only set to rotate action doors by 90.

    Also let me know which platform you’re on. Something might be building differently between Windows/Linux/Web for example. Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for the bug reports Zeph. If you do happen to come across the door bug again, let me know the location and rough description to problem door. I’ll check it out.

    I do know about the window texture issue. It’s one of a small number of texture bugs still remaining. I will get around to fixing this eventually.

    Thanks for taking the time to report! ๐Ÿ™‚

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