Tools for Unity – Release 2

Daggerfall Tools for Unity Release 2 is now available. This version adds many new features, bug fixes, and small improvements over the initial version. The PDF Manual is also available.

Starting from this version, I no longer bundle Daggerfall Imaging and Daggerfall Modelling with the distribution. These tools are Windows-only and greatly increased the ZIP size. If anyone needs these tools, they’re available for download here as usual.

Patch notes for new version are below.

  • Added DaggerfallBillboardEditor script for additional billboard details.
  • Added enumerations for enemy mobile types in dungeons (e.g. GiantBat, SkeletalWarrior).
  • Added DungeonType enumeration to DFRegion (e.g. Crypt, Orc Stronghold, Vampire Haunt, etc.). Dungeon type is also displayed in Inspector when a dungeon is selected.
  • Added random encounter tables based on dungeon type.
  • Added animation support for atlased materials.
  • Added multi-facing enemy mobile billboard class.
  • Added enemy definitions for known enemy types.
  • Added animation groups for mobile units.
  • Added light import option for cities and dungeons.
  • Added enemy import options for dungeons.
  • Fixed minor RMB layout bug for non-combined city blocks.
  • Fixed minor billboard layout bug for city blocks.
  • Fixed minor ground plane tiling bug.
  • Fixed dungeon layout bug where RDB block positions on Z axis were reversed.
  • Fixed serialization bugs where native data is concerned. Unity does not like to serialize unsigned values. Opted to create Unity-compatible structures where needed rather than modify Daggerfall-native API structures. Removed [Serializable] flag from any API structs.
  • Moved MaterialReader and MeshReader to MonoBehaviour components on DaggerfallUnity singleton.
  • Moved material and mesh import options to their respective reader component.
  • Moved all mesh loading to MeshReader and removed ModelFile class. This eliminated some double-handling of data and slightly increased import times.
  • Added the ability to set preferred shader names on MaterialReader component. These are located using Shader.Find() during import.
  • Added the ability to set window modifier colours and brightness on MaterialReader
    component. This includes a custom window style option.
  • When loading Daggerfall files from API with the FileUsage.UseMemory option, FileProxy class will now look for a .bytes file of the same name in your Unity Resources folder (e.g. “arch3d.bsa.bytes”). This helps to create standalone builds (such as web builds) where the Arena2 folder is not required, or only partial Arena2 data is needed.
  • Limited full validation checks in DaggerfallUnity to editor mode. This allows builds with partial or no Arena2 data to launch correctly.
  • MeshReader, MaterialReader, and ContentLoader scripts are now set to FileUsage.UseMemory to support Resources file support as above.
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  1. Wow! Just test your tools and they work pretty darn well ! I’m really impressed by how good and easy they are to setup! Its fun to test them in Unity.

    I’m really eager for more release and new functionality !

    As you are the creator I must ask you some questions….

    1)Will you ever attempt to recreate Daggerfall game in Unity (O_O) ?
    Nah joke…But beside adding enemy import in futur release..will you add any option to import others things from the game, like the UI, NPC,interior etc.

    2) Will you ever make something playable with what you have now?
    I ask you that because man its so nice to walk around daggerfall in a modern software and not having my sword,my spells and my horse around with it !

    Anyway good luck and thank you for what you’re doing. There is people out there you admired your work and I want to let know so you’ll countinue!

  2. I’m happy to hear you were able to get started easily, and thanks so much for the positive feedback. 🙂

    My plan is to keep chipping away at the tools, adding as much as possible when I have time. Interiors are almost ready, I just couldn’t finish them in time for this release. The mobile NPCs should be easy to hook up, but I don’t currently reference those animations in the API. Will add those in a future update. GUI is possible too, but not a priority right now. I will probably just hook up some kind of general image import so people can do whatever they need to with the GUI parts.

    I will definitely make small playable demos to help others get started, but I won’t tackle anything on a larger scale. I’d rather concentrate my time on making a great tool that helps others make something amazing.

    I would actually love to see my tools used to make something fresh in the Daggerfall style. Not so much a remake (DaggerXL is already looking good for this) but something a bit different. I guess only time will tell if anything comes out of it all.

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