Unity 5 Transition Progress

I’m working through code changes required to transition Daggerfall Tools for Unity to Unity 5. The first priority is full compatibility then I can look at taking advantage of new features.

Here is a summary of compatibility tasks I am working on and those which have been completed. I will update this list as I progress and release a Unity 5-compatible Developer Preview of 1.3 when ready. This should be available within a week.


Initial Unity 5 compatibility update is now available on git. I still need to do more work and testing but it should be mostly good to go. Just avoid the new Deferred Shading path for now.

In Progress

  • Fix billboard batch shaders self-shadowing in Deferred Shading path.
  • Update Streaming World Demo with effects now available to all users.


  • Fix default reference changes.
  • Fix white terrain textures.
  • Fix MIDI synthesizer not running.
  • Fix MIDI synthesizer sample speed.
  • Fix sound effects based on audio changes.
  • Fix obsolete methods/properties and other warnings.
  • Fix DaggerfallActionDoor collider errors.
  • Fix PlayerMouseLook exploding/bugging out.
  • Update integrated iTween to latest version.
  • Fix fog in Deferred Shading path. (N/A. Requires new Global Fog effect). This will be part of new demo scenes in future update.
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