Web Demo Test

I’ve uploaded a few simple Unity Web Player demos for my own test purposes. If anyone is interested, you can access them from the URLs below.

Controls are WSAD to move, mouse to look, Shift to toggle run, Space to jump, ESC to uncapture mouse.

If you have trouble launching the web player in Internet Explorer, try Chrome and see if that works.

Exterior (Daggerfall City)

Exterior (Daggerfall City, point filtering)

Dungeon (Privateer’s Hold)

This is a work-in-progress build, so don’t expect too much awesome just yet. These demos are mainly interesting in that I put them both together from an empty scene and uploaded in less than 10 minutes.

One more thing. I’ve disabled doors in the Privateer’s Hold test, as interacting with moving objects is still being written. You can get to the exit room without riding the throne up. See if you can remember how. 😉

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