Sounds & Movies

Import Sounds and Movies

  • Sound Clips (player, enemies, environment)

ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/PlayerFootstepNormal.wav

  • Songs
    1. StreamingAssets/Sound/Song_Name.ogg
      ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/song_magic_2.ogg
    2. StreamingAssets/Sound/Song_Name.mid
      ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/song_magic_2.mid
    3. Look here how to import sound files with different extensions and customize the playlist.
      This requires coding knowledge.
  • Videos

It’s possible to import videos, in Ogg Theora format, inside Daggerfal Unity through the Mod Builder.  Use the same name as the original movies, including the VID extension, for example ANIM0001.VID.ogv.


All ANIM00**.VID files (from 00 to 15) plus DAG2.VID.


  • DFJukebox: Play audio directly from within Daggerfall Jukebox, or export to standard file formats. Sound is exported to .wav, and music to .mid.
  • DaggerSound: Extract sound files from DAGGER.SND. You may need to use Audacity’s raw import to actually make a use of the extracted .wav files (see here).
  • WINRipper: Extract HMI files from MIDI.BSA and convert them to MIDI files.
  • All MIDI song files from the game.
  • VIDTitle: A collection of tools for adding subtitles, captions, or other overlays to Daggerfall VID files.
  • DagVid V1.01: A Daggerfall and Skynet video file player for Win 9X/NT, with source code (broken download link).
  • DFVid2AVI 0.43b: Write out to AVI.

You can get the tools without a link from the UESP wiki.