Sounds & Movies

Import Sound and Videos in Daggerfall Unity

  • Sound Clips (player, enemies, environment)StreamingAssets/Sound/SoundClipName.wav
    ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/PlayerFootstepNormal.wav
  • Songs
    1. StreamingAssets/Sound/Song_Name.ogg
      ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/song_magic_2.ogg
    2. StreamingAssets/Sound/Song_Name.mid
      ex: StreamingAssets/Sound/song_magic_2.mid
    3. Look here how to import sound files with different extensions and customize the playlist.
      This requires coding knowledge.
  • Videos
    It’s possible to import videos, in Ogg Theora format, inside Daggerfal Unity through the Mod Builder.  The mod needs to be renamed from .dfmod to .dfvideo.
    name.ogg inside StreamingAssets/Videos/name.dfvideo
    ex: ANIM0001.ogg inside StreamingAssets/Videos/ANIM0001.dfvideo



  • DFJukebox: Play audio directly from within Daggerfall Jukebox, or export to standard file formats. Sound is exported to .wav, and music to .mid.
  • DaggerSound: Extract sound files from DAGGER.SND. You may need to use Audacity’s raw import to actually make a use of the extracted .wav files (see here).
  • WINRipper: Extract HMI files from MIDI.BSA and convert them to MIDI files.
  • All MIDI song files from the game.
  • VIDTitle: A collection of tools for adding subtitles, captions, or other overlays to Daggerfall VID files.
  • DagVid V1.01: A Daggerfall and Skynet video file player for Win 9X/NT, with source code (broken download link).
  • DFVid2AVI 0.43b: Write out to AVI.

You can get the tools without a link from the UESP wiki.