Using Steam Release of Daggerfall with Daggerfall Unity – Updated!

The Steam release of Daggerfall has been updated and is now compatible with Daggerfall Unity “out of the box”. This is great news for Daggerfall players of all preferences. Not only is the classic release on Steam now patched for a better experience, it’s a free and convenient way to get the game files needed to run Daggerfall Unity.

These steps are for Windows only but you can adapt to another platform. You’ll just need to copy over the files installed by Steam to your platform of choice after step 1. Alternatively use the DaggerfallGameFiles method for a curated copy of game files compatible on all platforms.

Step 1 – Install Daggerfall with Steam

Visit the Steam page below and install Daggerfall like you would any other Steam game.

Step 2 – Download Daggerfall Unity

If you haven’t already, go to the Releases page and download latest version of Daggerfall Unity for your platform. Downloads are below the Assets foldout as shown.

When downloading for Windows, it is highly recommended to use the 64-bit version unless you have a very old PC that does not support 64-bit.

Unzip your download somewhere like C:\Games\Daggerfall Unity\0.13.5. It is recommended to unzip into a folder matching the version downloaded.

Note: When updating Daggerfall Unity in future, unzip to a new folder matching new folder version. Never unzip a new version on top of an old version.

Double-click DaggerfallUnity.exe to run the game.

Step 3 – Set Correct Path

When prompted by Daggerfall Unity, navigate to your local The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall/DF/DAGGER folder installed by Steam. By default this will be in path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall\DF\DAGGER

Provided Steam version is up-to-date, the launcher window will turn green like below. If you are still missing .VID files, check that your Steam install is updated to latest version.

Press OK and continue to set your resolution.

Click Test then OK if you’re happy with resolution setting.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to play Daggerfall Unity.

Step 4 – Find Some Mods

Once you have everything setup, you might like to mod the game. The Daggerfall Unity Nexus page has hundreds of mods available ranging from graphical upgrades to new gameplay experiences.

Step 5 – Get Some Help

If you get stuck installing the game or with gameplay in general, ask for help on the Forums or the Lysandus’s Tomb Discord.

If you have issues with a mod, please ask question of the mod author first either on Nexus or their dedicated thread in Released Mods on forums.

Step 6 – Enjoy!

Thank you from everyone at Daggerfall Workshop. We hope you enjoy playing Daggerfall Unity!