Daggerfall Unity Test Build 2



Updated to 0.0.5.

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Please also download the ReadMe!




  • Mouse to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, enter dungeons, operate switches, etc.
  • ESC to pause game or go back to previous window.
  • F5 to open Character Sheet.


  • Z to toggle weapon.
  • RIGHT-CLICK and drag mouse to swing weapon.


  • F9 to quick-save.
  • F12 to quick-load.



Preferred method of feedback is the following thread on the forums.



When reporting bugs, please include the following in your report.

  • A clear description of what went wrong and process to reproduce problem (if possible).
  • Main system specs (OS, CPU, RAM, GPU).
  • Any output logs or save files as requested. See ReadMe for more information.



And once again, a big thankyou to all contributors, testers, and supporters of this project. You are each helping to create something wonderful.

Upcoming Leave Time

Hey everyone! I’m putting the wraps on the second test build of Daggerfall Unity, which should be ready sometime in the next 24 hours.

Before then, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I’m heading to Melbourne next week for PAX Australia. We’re going for the whole week, not just the PAX weekend, which means I won’t be around to answer emails, drop by the forums, or commit any changes to git.

So if you don’t hear from me and everything seems to go quiet – don’t worry! I’m just taking well-deserved break and will be back to work starting in early November. I will still answer any forum queries I can if I get some spare time in the evenings.

I also wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who sent me their feedback on the first test build. You have helped me find several bugs and other problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. When the first true release hits, it’s going to be that much better for your time and information. I’m looking forward to repeating the process on the next test build.

All the best!

More About Scaling

One of the issues that caught me by surprise was a UI scaling problem. This turned out to be more interesting than expected, so I decided to write up a visual diary post about it.

For those who didn’t experience the problem, this is how it looked (1280×960).


What’s happening here isn’t technically a scaling problem, it’s a positioning problem. See, Daggerfall has a fixed-size UI of 320×200 pixels. My custom UI system was designed from the ground up to scale Daggerfall’s fixed UI to any resolution while maintaining correct aspect ratio. Depending on the width to height ratio of your resolution, the fixed UI may need to be pillarboxed (black bars down the sides) or letterboxed (black bars top and bottom). The goal is to fit the entire UI into the display without any clipped off edges and keeping that pixel-perfect ratio.

So what’s going in the screenshot above? The answer is that I forgot to turn on vertical alignment in the UI for the parent panel. This means the UI is stuck to the top of the screen instead of letterboxing like it’s supposed to. This is how the above display should look (1280×960).


The scaling and aspect ratio are correct in both cases, just the UI wasn’t centering vertically like it should for the letter-box effect at that resolution.

Unfortunately, it really isn’t possible to avoid pillarboxing or letterboxing with a fixed UI, unless you have a resolution that is an exact multiple of 320×200. For example, the screenshot below is a perfect x4 multiple of 320×200 and fits the frame completely at the correct aspect ratio (1280×800).


Now it occurs to me that some people simply don’t want letterboxing or pillarboxing. The best solution I can offer is a new option in the INI called “FreeScaling”. When this is enabled, the GUI will scale width and height independently. Here’s an example with FreeScaling enabled (1280×960).


The result is the UI is stretched as required to fill entire viewport. This obviously means the aspect ratio is no longer correct, but the chunky pixels still don’t look that bad with a little stretching. I’m willing to bet a lot of people actually play this way in DOSBox without noticing. It’s all down to personal preference anyway. If you want perfect aspect ratio, just leave things at default and the UI will scale and position itself properly now. If you definitely want to get rid of the black bars, then enable FreeScale and enjoy.

It’s also worth noting this does not apply to the game view rendering, which always fills the entire viewport. Only the classic 320×200 UI has this quirk.

I’m just happy my retro UI system is robust enough to handle all these different resolutions, scales, and positions while still working as it should. That’s an accomplishment by itself.

Test Release Fixes Incoming

Thanks to feedback from intrepid testers, I have a solid list of priority items to fix. I will start rolling out fixes in the next 24-48 hours, and may need to spread fixes across multiple test releases.

On the whole, the first compatibility test went very well. Daggerfall Unity ran for most people on a wide variety of systems, and most of the bugs found can be easily resolved. A very positive start to things.

Here’s the list of priority fixes coming in next couple of test builds.

  • UI scaling issue at many resolutions.
  • Alternate save path not used by SaveLoadManager.
  • Linux not loading career data for class selection dialog.
  • Needs Direct3D11 for full deferred shading on Windows. Will add INI options for downlevel rendering paths for all systems. (Note: This may reduce quality of lights and shadows).
  • Game not launching, crashing on video files. Confirmed *.VID files not present in Arena2. Need to fail cleanly and advise users on how to workaround.
  • INI options for tuning mouse weapon swinging.
  • INI options for some cheating, GodMode and ExplorerMode (from demos).
  • Pressing load with nothing to load will hang game.
  • Genders occasionally not read properly from vanilla saves.
  • Reaction setting occasionally not read properly from vanilla saves.
  • Loading some saves will drop you through the world.
  • Vampire characters not read cleanly. Need to at least read these characters back to starting race and appearance. Vampirism won’t be implemented until after quest system is done.
  • Rebindable keys. Will do this in a config file first, then later provide a UI.