Test Release Fixes Incoming

Thanks to feedback from intrepid testers, I have a solid list of priority items to fix. I will start rolling out fixes in the next 24-48 hours, and may need to spread fixes across multiple test releases.

On the whole, the first compatibility test went very well. Daggerfall Unity ran for most people on a wide variety of systems, and most of the bugs found can be easily resolved. A very positive start to things.

Here’s the list of priority fixes coming in next couple of test builds.

  • UI scaling issue at many resolutions.
  • Alternate save path not used by SaveLoadManager.
  • Linux not loading career data for class selection dialog.
  • Needs Direct3D11 for full deferred shading on Windows. Will add INI options for downlevel rendering paths for all systems. (Note: This may reduce quality of lights and shadows).
  • Game not launching, crashing on video files. Confirmed *.VID files not present in Arena2. Need to fail cleanly and advise users on how to workaround.
  • INI options for tuning mouse weapon swinging.
  • INI options for some cheating, GodMode and ExplorerMode (from demos).
  • Pressing load with nothing to load will hang game.
  • Genders occasionally not read properly from vanilla saves.
  • Reaction setting occasionally not read properly from vanilla saves.
  • Loading some saves will drop you through the world.
  • Vampire characters not read cleanly. Need to at least read these characters back to starting race and appearance. Vampirism won’t be implemented until after quest system is done.
  • Rebindable keys. Will do this in a config file first, then later provide a UI.
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