Using Steam Release of Daggerfall with Daggerfall Unity

This article has been updated and moved to the following Wiki page on Daggerfall Unity GitHub.

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  1. Hi
    That covers running the game, but not running the game from steam client. Can this guide be updated with other people suggestions (in steam comments for example) on running daggerfall unity directly from steam?
    Also if there is a solution for Steam on Linux for above I’ll take it as well, currently I’m running Daggerfall Unity from random game shortcut in Steam with recommended DaggerfallGameFiles,
    running directly from steam with time saved (and maybe even steam cloud) would be so awesome.
    Best regards

  2. Hey there. 🙂 The recommended method is still to use DaggerfallGameFiles for all platforms. I can’t see this changing anytime soon.

    The steps in this article address patching Bethesda’s downlevel Steam release to be compatible with Daggerfall Unity (not to mention making for a better DOS experience post-patch). The same basic steps would apply for Linux – i.e. run DAG213.EXE within DOSBox then copy .VID files into appropriate folder.

    At this time, I don’t support adding Daggerfall Unity itself into Steam, or replacing Steam’s Daggerfall version with DFU. Daggerfall Unity should be run from it’s own separate folder. Every new version of DFU should be unzipped into a new folder, and never on top of an old version or mixed in with DOS files.

  3. Thank you for the answer. Yes, the name and location changing solution seems the most common, but it seems there is also a way to use random launching options by just copying the url of daggerfall unity and adding %command% at the end (this seems to avoid dosbox and all other daggerfall from steam files all together and keeps the urls intact)

  4. Hello, just wondering if you’ll be supporting running DFU on SteamDeck (under SteamOS) in future versions? A portable version would be amazing!

  5. Excellent, ty, other people didn’t explain things nearly enough and you did a great step-by-step!

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