Additional Resources

Sound Fonts

The sound font used by Daggerfall Unity can be overridden with custom SF2 files placed inside the folder StreamingAssets/SoundFonts. The current active sound font is defined by the configuration key SoundFont under Audio section.

SoundFont = AweROMGM.sf2

If the sound font is not loaded succesfully the game attempts to fallback to the internal one.

Spell Icons

Classic spells icons can be replaced like other images used in game. Additionally, new icons can be provided with spell icon packs, composed of an atlas of icons and a metadata file.

Icons packs can be installed in the folder StreamingAssets/SpellIcons. The atlas must use png format and extension while metadata is in the shape of a json file with the same name of the atlas and .txt extension.

    "displayName": "Example Test Pack",
    "rowCount": 2,
    "iconCount": 2,
    "filterMode": "Bilinear",
    "icons": [
            "index": 0,
            "suggestedEffects": null
            "index": 1,
            "suggestedEffects": null

Icons packs can also be provided by mods when bundled inside a directory ending with Assets/SpellIcons (i.e. Assets/Game/Mods/ExampleMod/Assets/SpellIcons). An icon pack is composed of a texture asset (with any extension) and a metadata text asset (with the same format used for loose files) with .json extension.

If a pack is removed the game fallbacks to classic icons.

Text Fonts

Daggerfall Unity supports Signed Distance Field fonts and allows to provide custom overrides with the folder StreamingAssets/Fonts. For a guided explanation on the creation process read Creating SDF Fonts For Daggerfall Unity.