City to Coast Run

Another terrain video with many issues fixed. I go for a quick run from Daggerfall city down to the coast.

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  1. So IF I already own Daggerfall will I be able to play Daggerfall using this tool? By Importing the information?

  2. Hi Michael. It’s more of a developer tool than a game. Think of it as a set of Daggerfall extensions for the Unity game engine, helping other developers to recreate Daggerfall or similar games. Being open source, it should lead to some interesting new creations around Daggerfall.

    If you aren’t a developer yourself there’s more exciting stuff coming soon. The project is only 5 months old and is just now getting to the point where more playable content is possible. Check out the Direnni Tower demo below for a taste of what can be accomplished. This was created in less than two hours using Daggerfall Tools for Unity.

    With more than two million registered Unity developers, I’m hoping this will kick off a community-driven revival of Daggerfall.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for making it clear what your intent was as well! As someone who has played all 12 TES games (Including the mobile ones) I understand your love for Daggerfall and have already fallen in love with your project! I will check in soon (Direnni Tower is awesome). 🙂

  4. Thanks for understanding Michael. 🙂 I hope lots of awesome Daggerfall stuff comes out of this.

    If you haven’t already, check out the DFTFU Reddit feed below. There are a few other developers working on things independently with my tools (such as adding multiplayer and Oculus Rift support).

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