Daggerfall Modelling Beta 1 Released!

The first beta release of Daggerfall Modelling is now up for download. I have decided not to enable gravity and collision in this release because I am not happy with the state they are in. They will be enabled in the next release. Following are the final release notes for this version.

  • Added a Quick Search feature to search pane.
  • Search pane can be collapsed.
  • Region accurate billboards (rocks, trees, etc.) now decorate the scene.
  • Region accurate sky in exterior free camera views.
  • Adjust sky appearance with time of day slider.
  • A compass is now shown in free camera mode (bottom-right of view).
  • Play with interactive objects in dungeons (levers, doors, lifts, etc.).
  • Explore using an XBOX360 or compatible controller.
  • Invert mouse-look and controller-look.
  • Updated engine. Many improvements to scene management and versatility.
  • Overall performance improvements to search and load times.

If you are installing Daggerfall Modelling for the first time, make sure you read this first!

The controls have changed in some places. Any view rotations on the left mouse button have been moved to the right mouse button.  This has been done to free up the left-mouse button for new features down the road. For updated information on controls in the views, check the appropriate page in the Daggerfall Modelling Wiki.

I hope you enjoy this release of Daggerfall Modelling.

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