Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.2!

The huge 1.2 world update is finally live! The tools have come so far since 1.1 and a big thank you is in order to everyone who tested Developer Preview versions and sent me feedback. You’ve all helped 1.2 become more than it could have been without you.


What’s New!


  • Now requires Unity 4.6. (and not yet compatible with 5.0).
  • Vast streaming world can be created procedurally at runtime.
  • Blazing-fast billboard system for dense trees.
  • Tilemap shader for retro-style ground textures.
  • Enter any valid building or dungeon.
  • Random encounter tables in dungeons.
  • MIDI synthesizer with custom SoundFont support.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and small improvements.


  • Complete streaming world demo scene included with all code.
  • Weather effects with Weather Manager.
  • Helpers to change lighting based on time of day, season, dungeon.
  • Contextual Song Manager to play music appropriate to player.
  • Ambient Effects Player to play sound effects in dungeons, etc.
  • A player compass.
  • Footstep Manager to change footstep sounds in winter.
  • Example enemy and player scripts for basic combat setup.
  • Many more small helpers and one-shot classes to learn from.

Get The Release!

Watch The 1.2 Feature Video!

Play The Demo!



  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, enter dungeons, operate switches, etc.
  • ESC to exit game (standalone).


  • Z to toggle weapons.
  • Right-click and drag mouse to swing weapon.


  • R (while outside) for random location, season, time of day, and weather.
  • R (while in dungeon) to recall back to dungeon start.
  • 1-7 for preset location (keeps current season, weather, etc.).


  • P to toggle songs on/off.
  • [ to play previous song in context playlist.
  • ] to player next song in context playlist.


  • – to reduce timescale (0-8 steps).
  • = to increase timescale (0-8 steps).


  • I to toggle mouse invert on/off.
  • H to toggle high speed on/off.
  • L to toggle debug text on/off.
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  1. The demo works perfectly on Pentium G840 and integrated video chip (Intel HD).
    The dungeons are truly dark and even a bit scary.
    It would be great to have some sort of a light source (implemented Light spell, for example).

  2. Works great and is surprisingly easy to use (once you struggled through the Daggerfall installation 😉 ) Great work! Kudos!

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