Daggerfall Tools For Unity

Since leaving the Workshop, I’ve been using Unity a good bit for other projects. It occurred to me the other day it should be trivial to drop my Daggerfall library (Daggerfall Connect) into Unity as everything was written in very portable C#. A few hours later, I had Daggerfall models firing up in Unity.

Scourg Barrow exterior in Unity

Scourg Barrow exterior in Unity.

It’s only a small step from here to spawning entire game-ready cities and dungeons in Unity. For the most part, this can be done using layout code I’ve already written for Daggerfall Modelling. I’d just need to refactor for Unity and build some editor scripts to hold it all together.

Based on this, I’ve decided to repackage the useful parts of Daggerfall Connect and Daggerfall Modelling into a small suite of scripts for Unity developers. As usual, this will be free and open source for everyone.

This doesn’t mean I’m returning to the Workshop full-time. I’ll only be allocating a few months of spare time for this project. I just think it would be great to see all the code I’ve written over the years being put to use by someone, and what better way to wrap up my years with Daggerfall than making one final tool available for a game engine anyone can use?

Let me know what you think! Is there something particular you’d like to see in Daggerfall Unity? If you’re a Unity developer and want to contribute, I would be more than happy to share access to the SVN (will be setting this up soon) to people with the right skillset.

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  1. Glad to see you getting to wrap this up and get some closure. I understand the need to “grow up” and be more involved with your family, and I understand that you needed a clean break to achieve a new balance. But I also understand that having a large project left dangling and almost-but-not-quite complete is kind of like having a hole in your heart. I hope that this will let you see your workshop efforts in a completed state. Your work already has been invaluable to everyone else who shares the dream of reviving Daggerfall’s special magic, but providing a toolkit for Unity will open the door to so many more creators. Thank you for your dedication and sharing. And thank your family for us all, as well, for understanding and patience 🙂

  2. Hi Digital Monk! Good to see a familiar name again. 🙂 Everything you say is spot-on, I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you as well for understanding.

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