New Tutorials

As part of the 1.3 release, I will be refreshing all existing tutorials and writing some new ones to round everything out.

The manual has now been retired and rolled into a brand new tutorial called Getting Started which covers the extreme basics of setting up a new project. This will be the new starting point for any Basic and Intermediate tutorials. I was covering a lot of the same ground at the beginning of each tutorial, and from now on I can just reference beginners to the Getting Started tutorial instead of repeating steps. Follow-on tutorials will be a bit leaner as a result.

Following is a list of the tutorials coming online for 1.3 release. Links will be added as each tutorial becomes ready.

Basic Series 1.3

Intermediate Series 1.3

  • Streaming World (expanded)
  • Distributing Builds

Advanced Series 1.3

  • Using Events

The above will keep me busy for a few weeks. If you think a tutorial is missing from the lineup just let me know. Depending on complexity, I can add it to the lineup now or some time after 1.3 launches.

Also please let me know of any problems you find with the documents.

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  1. This is awesome!

    Keep up the fantastic work, currently im having fun with this in Unity all thanks to you!
    looking forward to the intermediate and advanced tutorials!


  2. Thanks Alexander! It’s awesome to hear you’re having fun working through the tutorials.

    Now the web site and release are taken care of, I’m back working on tutorials now. “Prefab Basics” should be done in a few days, then I can get started on the intermediate series.

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