Nystul Terrain Gallery

Recently posted on the Workshop Forums, here are 15 beautiful terrains from Nystul using his terrain enhancements. Also shown is LypyL’s wonderful dynamic sky system. Daggerfall has never looked so good!

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! Just give us some co-op quests, start a server and let’s experience Daggerfall like never before!

  2. You said it. With people tinkering all over the place, even actively working on quests and gameplay, that’s all starting to feel tantalizingly close to reality now.

  3. The improvements are staggering. Just add some enemies to run into in the wild and i might actually walk places now.

  4. Hi Edward. You can download Daggerfall Tools for Unity from the front page (grab the 1.3 Developer Preview for Unity 5 support) or from the Download page below.

    You can also find the latest Streaming World demos from the page below.

    Nystul’s increased terrain distance mod for Daggerfall Tools for Unity is still under development, but you can download the latest version below.

    Please keep in mind these are all developer tools. With the exception of premade demos, you will also require an install of Unity3D to use.

  5. Thank you for your reply.

    I tried to download it and it works like a charm.
    Draw distance is the most beautiful thing in Daggerfall so far:)
    But I wonder, are you planing to make these mods for original Daggerfall (I believe it would be possible to create files to put in DAGGER\arena2 folder (just like in mods in data folder for Skyrim)) or it’s just a showcase or something?
    I would really appreciate this draw distance hack for original Daggerfall.

    P.S. Bookmarked your page, your work is beautiful and inspiring!!! 🙂

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