Daggerfall Tools for Unity


Daggerfall Tools for Unity is the code library that interfaces¬†between Daggerfall’s DOS game files and Daggerfall Unity. DFTFU handles realtime conversion of the binary files containing Daggerfall’s graphics, audio, and map layouts into something Unity can bring to life in a modern engine.

You can use Daggerfall Tools for Unity to create your own Daggerfall projects. Best of all, the source code contains the complete Daggerfall Unity so you can see how certain things were achieved or remix them into something new.

Check out all the great features packed into Daggerfall Tools for Unity.



You can download Daggerfall Tools for Unity as part of the Daggerfall Unity GitHub or from the pre-built asset package available below.

Download Daggerfall Tools for Unity - 1.6.1



Visit the dedicated Tutorials page to get started using Daggerfall Tools for Unity.