Live Builds


Live builds are generated from latest code on the date issued.

Getting Daggerfall

You will need a complete install of free Daggerfall to play with these builds. You can download Daggerfall from the following locations.

  • DaggerfallSetup (recommended) - Fully compatible with Daggerfall Unity in default setup. Note: Installing some optional mods, such as the language patches, may break compatibility.
  • - Daggerfall is free with any Elder Scrolls purchase. This version is also compatible with Daggerfall Unity.
  • Bethesda -  The official Daggerfall download. Note: Some manual steps required. You will need to copy all *.VID files into your Arena2 folder when using this copy.
  • - Universal zip of game files for all platforms. Unzip and point Daggerfall Unity to the Daggerfall folder. Note: External Google Drive link.