Live Builds


Live builds are generated from latest code. If you just want to play Daggerfall Unity and have the best experience currently available, download the most recent "Stable" build.


Getting Daggerfall

You will need a complete install of free Daggerfall to play with these builds. You can download Daggerfall from the following locations.

  • DaggerfallSetup (recommended) - Fully compatible with Daggerfall Unity in default setup. Note: Installing optional mods may break compatibility.
  • Bethesda -  The official Daggerfall download. Note: You will need to copy all *.VID files into your Arena2 folder when using this copy.
  • - Daggerfall is free with any Elder Scrolls purchase. This version is also compatible with Daggerfall Unity.
  • - Universal zip of game files for all platforms. Unzip and point Daggerfall Unity to the Daggerfall folder. Note: External Google Drive link.