Daggerfall Modelling ALPHA 0.6.8

The second Alpha release of Daggerfall Modelling is now available for download. Updates in this version:

  • It is now possible to export models to Collada .dae format.
  • Fixed mouse picking to be accurate to face level.
  • Improved visual feedback of models under the mouse in Location View.
  • Fixed model alignment (switches, coffins, tapestries, etc.). These should all be aligned correctly now.
  • Fixed camera bounds. It is now possible to fly around Mantellan Crux.
  • Fixed improper culling in Location View. Again, Mantellan Crux was most affected by this issue.
  • Slightly improved draw times in complex scenes with off-camera culling for objects.

Please check this page for system requirements and otherĀ information before installing and running Daggerfall Modelling.

There is a new exporting tutorial showing how to explore a location and export a modelĀ into Blender.

I hope you enjoy this release of Daggerfall Modelling.

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