Daggerfall Modelling Beta Gallery

Daggerfall Modelling is approaching beta. The next release will be almost feature-complete and has many improvements to the sightseeing experience. Below are highlights of the upcoming beta version along with screenshots from my current build. There will also be improvements to the Collada export which I shall discuss in a later post.


  • The rendering pipeline has been greatly improved. Daggerfall Modelling should now deliver smooth frame rates in cities and dungeons across most hardware.


  • The Search Pane is now collapsible, allowing for a more full-screen experience while exploring.


  • Skies are now implemented in exterior locations when using the free camera. The sky is loaded based on climate, so it should match the skies in Daggerfall. You can change time of day using a slider.
  • Trees, rocks, etc. are now rendered along with buildings.


  • A quick options drop-down has been added to the toolbar for toggling scene elements and model picking.

Game-Like Features

  • Collision and gravity can be turned on for walking around scenes as if you were in the game.
  • A compass will keep you oriented while exploring.
  • An XBOX360 controller can be used for navigating exterior and dungeon environments.
  • Switches and levers can be interacted with like in the game (e.g. the throne elevator in Privateer’s Hold).

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