Daggerfall Modelling Beta 1 Almost Here

Just a quick update to let you know the Beta 1 release for Daggerfall Modelling will be up in the next few days (hopefully this weekend). I’m in the process of fixing bugs and rounding off some rough edges now. In case you need a reminder, the main features of this release will be:

  • Improved searching. Added a Quick Search drop-down to the search pane for quickly finding common resources.
  • Updated engine. Scene management and rendering have been totally rewritten for more speed and versatility.
  • Skies, trees, rocks, etc. now decorate the free camera view in cities and dungeons.
  • Change time of day while exploring outdoor scenes.
  • Play with actions in dungeons (doors, levers, platforms, wheels, etc.).
  • Turn on collision, gravity, and compass for a more game-like exploring experience.
  • Explore using an XBOX360 or compatible controller.
  • Overall improved performance and stability.
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