Daggerfall Tools for Unity

The first release of Daggerfall Tools for Unity is now available. The package includes full source for my Daggerfall API and editor scripts for Unity.

You can download from the main download page, or from download links on the right of home page.

There is also a PDF manual available if you would just like to see how the package works.

I will be adding more features to Daggerfall Tools for Unity soon. The next release will focus on lighting and action scripts in dungeons. Enhancements to the editor scripts are also incoming.

Thank you for taking the time to download. Have fun!

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  1. It’s great to see you working on your tools again, even if it’s only for a limited time. 🙂 Having some experience with Unity myself, I think this is a great way to make your previous work as accessible to other people as possible. I can already envision this being used for “mini Daggerfall” experiences, and even for more ambitious projects. I’m downloading as I type this, and am looking forward to seeing what’s possible with it. There are no excuses now for anybody who has contemplated building on your work. I hope you’ve been having fun working on this, and I thank your for all your contributions to the Daggerfall community.

    Out of curiosity, what are your plans for maintenance releases? Would you recommend a specific version of Unity 4, or do you plan to revisit the project when Unity 5 releases?

  2. Cheers Klasodeth. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Feel free to email me if any problems or help needed.

    You’ll need at least Unity 4.5 (free or pro). I’m using serializable structs (a new-ish feature in 4.5) to really bring Daggerfall into Unity as much as possible. Some of the tricks (like climate swaps at run-time) just wouldn’t be as elegant without serializing custom data into the scene. This editor feature really opened up possibilities.

    I’ll definitely keep the project alive into Unity 5.0. Once most of the hard work is done, I can go into maintenance mode for future releases. I’m hoping more people like yourself take on the tool and have some fun with it. Maybe even improve on it as well.

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