Daggerfall Unity August 2018

New Builds For August 2018

New builds are now available on the Live Builds page.

What’s New

  • Implemented custom class creator UI (Numidium) – Note: most advantages/disadvantages still pending implementation as part of effect system rollout
  • Implemented outdoor swimming (MeteoricDragon)
  • Implemented item power information on “Info” messagebox popup (Allofich)
  • Magic items and their powers are now generated in random loot and in merchant shelves (Allofich) – Note: magic item powers are not functional in game yet

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvements to smooth height changes (MeteoricDragon)
  • Easier to mute sound or music volume (MeteoricDragon)
  • Fixes to crush detection to prevent accidental deaths (MeteoricDragon)
  • Smooth status change feedback added to health, fatigue, spell points bars (MeteoricDragon)
  • Bug fixes to arrow weight handling (Hazelnut)
  • Fix exterior music playing in dungeons and other interiors (Allofich)
  • Fix for music volume incorrectly influencing UI windows (Allofich)
  • Fix for doors rotating incorrectly on load (Allofich)
  • Fix for opening books imported from classic saves (Allofich)
  • Restored several variant changes in item templates overwritten by a previous change
  • Fix for quest parser not detecting end of final message block if empty line not present
  • Clothes in stores now have a random variant assigned
  • Fix for mouse not being captured after alt+tab – clicking in game window should recapture mouse
  • Fixes to “add armor” and “add cloth” console command to correctly use player gender and race

In Progress

  • Implement Illusion effect back-end behaviour – still needs to be wired to front-end effect (Allofich)
  • Certain time-limited items such as summoned items now supported in back-end (Allofich)
  • Started work on potion back-end for recipe handling

Looking to the near future, my personal workload has started to shrink again and I will continue work on rolling out spell effects soon. I somewhat prematurely celebrated my larger July projects wrapping up, only to have some of the smaller projects drag on much longer than expected. We should see a return to more regular incremental updates to magic & effects very soon.

On the plus side, the other developers have continued to work on systems and fix bugs. I’m particularly excited to see the custom class creator and outdoor swimming in this round of builds, as well as magic item drops for loot and stores.

Something that’s hard to describe in point form is all the incremental changes forming the rungs of a ladder towards a fully functional magic system. All of these seemingly minor back-end changes such as potion recipe handling and magic item drops, and magic crafting stations, are all important building blocks towards our goal.

I received a little bit of disappointed feedback when potion and magic item crafting stations came online before potions and magic items were ready to go. And I imagine the feedback will be similar now that magic items are dropping but not yet fully functional. The thing to keep in mind is that once all of these threads come together, the final stages of fully opening up spells, magic item, potions, advantages/disadvantages, diseases, etc. will coalesce very quickly.

I’ve linked the Black Triangles story before, and it’s well worth a read if you haven’t already. It perfectly describes all the work that goes into making the back-end of a game functional while not much interesting is happening on the surface. The same is true of Daggerfall Unity as the various moving parts begin to mesh.


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  1. never forget that you’re doing this all as a free labor of love, so people who are disappointed are people who have no right to as you’ve made no promises and not only did you start this alone you inspired a bunch of people who love daggerfall to join in, lead a helping hand all from the same love of the game. those people are not disappointed so keep going at the speed your comfortable at so in time this will be a what you wanted it to be, not a a daggerxl

  2. Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement! πŸ™‚ It’s OK for people to be disappointed sometimes. It could just mean they were hyped for new feature and I didn’t communicate any limitations clearly.

    We’re at a funny spot in the project where most features are either working or almost working, and anyone that doesn’t follow really closely (which is most people) might assume a new feature is further along than it is. I’ll just keep trying to communicate progress as best I can until we’re ready to tear off the pre-alpha sticker.

  3. I’ve been following the your project for a (good) while and, looking back, it’s wonderful to see how it grew and got the attention and help of other devs.
    As KillDG said, you shouldn’t really care about the n00bs critiquing what they do not know. I’m sure they’re the minor part anyway.
    I believe Daggerfall to be THE BEST RPG of its time despite of its flaws and I was disappointed seeing how Morrowind was a step back in so many aspects.
    So “I thank thee”, fine team, that resurrected this treasure that the world had forgotten, hoping that a younger generation will love it as much as I do.
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Keep it up!

  4. Quick question. Not because I’m not a big fan of social medias, but… Can we have a Telegram channel for DFU?
    It would be lovely and surely morre practical to see everyone chatting there.

  5. The community is free to create new hubs for Daggerfall Unity – whether it’s IRC, Usenet, Telegram, Facebook, Slack, etc.

    For myself, I will only monitor and participate in the following locations:
    – dfworkshop.net (primarily forums)
    – Twitter (@gav_clayton)
    – Reddit (specifically /r/daggerfallunity)
    – Email (low priority)
    – GitHub (dev related only)

    This project requires a substantial amount of personal time both to create the actual game and to maintain a social presence around it. Even with just the five hubs above, I need to perform several rotations each day to answer questions and clear my contact queue. I try to respond to everyone, but don’t always get the time.

    I welcome the community to grow into whatever media they wish to use for conversations. But I can only be in so many places at once, and the above are where you’ll find me. πŸ™‚

  6. Understood.
    I know you’re a pretty busy man.
    Perhaps one day we’ll get to chat on an official Telegram group or any other real-time channel.


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