Dungeon Tutorial and 1.0.1 Update

Daggerfall Tools for Unity 1.0.1 is now available for download. This version contains minor bug fixes and improvements to the weapon system.

The first tutorial is now also available. This introductory tutorial steps you through creating a new scene, importing a dungeon, setting up weapons, and more. You will find this and all future tutorials on the Tutorials menu page.

Please be sure to update to 1.0.1 before following the tutorial as it fixes a bug you will encounter otherwise.

Let me know what you think of the tutorial, especially¬†if any parts are too hard¬†to follow. I want the “Basics” series to be generally accessible and will revise if necessary to improve information presented.

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  1. This work really good! You sir are great for tutorial…everything went smooth. Test a few dungeons…the only bug I found in them was sometime the switch just won’t work the way they suppose to ( Example in Castle Shedungent, in middle of the map in the pit with 4 foors). Other than that no other problems

    I even play around a little more,like testing the indoor outdoor function of cities and things like that…I had little bugs (like not be able to get out of some house) , but I’m sure your next tutorial will clear this out for me.

    You really outdid yourself on this project man. Thanks for the work! You deserve a break.

    P.S. Where the dungeon Mantellan Crux is located? I’d love to import and test this one!!

  2. Thanks! So happy it went smoothly. I’ll check out that action bug in Shedungent. There’s plenty more to work to do with the actions, I haven’t worked out all the different types yet (like teleports, etc.)

    I’m working on a City Basics tutorial next. That should help with the indoor/outdoor stuff. Should have this completed by end of the weekend.

    You’ll get Mantellan Crux with “High Rock sea coast/Mantellan Crux”. Be sure to enter exactly as in between quotes, funky caps and all.

    There are a still few problems with Mantellan Crux. That thing is wired up like a Rube Goldberg machine with custom actions and none of the teleports work yet. One of my future projects is to sit down and try to get it working more or less OK.

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