Gardening For Beginners

After some tinkering in the file formats, I’ve managed to find the location for miscellaneous ground scenery such as trees, rocks, flowers, and so on. While superficially similar to the standard flats records, the scenery records can be region-specific, similar to ground plane textures. This allows the local clutter to take on a native appearance when properly parsed.

Scenery also appears to have different scaling values. A walk through Wayrest’s gardens in Daggerfall shows trees of variable heights. In DF Scout however, these all appear the same dimensions. I’ll keep digging for the correct scaling values and put up a full Visual Diary once completed. For now, here are a few screenshots of Daggerfall Scout with scenery clutter in place, but not yet properly scaled or region processed. This looks very out of place in the Sentinel screenshot below.

Daggerfall Landscaping Wayrest Landscaping 1 Wayrest Landscaping 2 Sentinel Landscaping
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