LypyL’s Unity Multiplayer Test 2

Good news, everyone! LypyL has created a second multiplayer demo for us to enjoy. It was amazing to share a dungeon run with him earlier.

Incredible to think… This is the first time it’s truly been possible to explore a Daggerfall dungeon with friends. Although still in early stages the potential for this is incredible. Great work LypyL!

Edit 21/03/2015: Updated link to later build.

Daggerfall Tools for Unity – Streaming World Multiplayer V.2.3 by LypyL

New Stuff

  • Daggerfall, Wayrest, Sentinel & Orsinium Castles are explorable. Use fast travel to leave.
  • (local) enemies in dungeons.
  • Fast travel menu with 35 locations.
  • Music.
  • Player Skin selection.


  • Click to capture mouse (webplayer).
  • ESC to uncapture mouse (webplayer).
  • Mouse move to look.
  • W, S, A, D to move.
  • SHIFT (hold) to run.
  • SPACE to jump.
  • LEFT-CLICK mouse to open doors, operate switches, etc.
  • Q toggle no clip/fly.
  • E climb mode (when facing wall).
  • Z toggle weapon.
  • Right-click and drag mouse to swing weapon.
  • New: F1 fast travel.
  • New: F2 toggle music.
  • New: F3 previous track.
  • New: F4 next track.
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  1. This is amazing. NPC interaction is not yet available? Is it possible to replace game assets with custom assets? Great job!

  2. Thanks! I’ll be working on the fundamentals of NPC interaction in 1.3. There’s a lot to do before this is ready (basic politics, text resource handling and formatting, translation support, some speechcraft back-end for selecting correct text responses, UI and fonts, etc.). We have the world, now we can start bringing it to life.

    It’s possible to replace with custom assets, just right now you’d have to modify the RDBLayout and RMBLayout methods to insert these instead of the default assets. I’m working on ways to help devs setup custom assets using the editor, that will then be injected by the procedural generator.

    Both of the above should find their way into the 1.3 update, even if its only the beginnings and need more work later (probably will always need more work later). 🙂

  3. This is so great. I spent so much time playing Daggerfall in the 90s and to see it being revived with this level of quality is tremendous. Thank you for the time and effort you’ve invested in this.

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  5. This is awesome, I got my friends together and we went for a dungeon run.. Please, don’t abandon this EVER. FINISH IT!!!

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