March Builds Part 2

Just as March was coming to a close, a second round of Live Builds landed for the month. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but thanks to our amazing contributors there’s new stuff too!

Artifact Progress

Some great progress has been made around artifacts lately. There are fixes to their appearance and equipment placement, a new console command to spawn any artifact, and even decent progress on the bespoke effects that make artifacts so unique. I won’t cover the artifacts in great detail here, so check out the UESP Daggerfall Artifacts page for more information about them.


Wabbajack (Numidium)

Wabbajack is a magical staff imbued with the chaos of Sheogorath. Striking an enemy will randomly transform it into another type of enemy. This might turn a powerful foe into a relatively harmless rat. If you’re lucky.

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The Mehrunes Razor (Numidium)

The Mehrunes Razor has a chance to instantly slay any enemy.


Oghma Infinium (Allofich)

Reading this powerful book allows the player to distribute 30 points into their attributes.



Azura’s Star (Allofich)

Azura’s Star is a powerful soul gem that can be emptied and refilled over and over. This will be very useful when the magic item creator comes online.



Show Repair Times (Pango)

How long will that Daedric rat-sticker take to repair? Now you’ll know, because repair times are shown before you commit to the repair. You can also take your items back early, although you forfeit the repair costs. And if you don’t like classic Daggerfall’s repair times, you can enable instant repairs in settings. Oh, and you can enable repairs for magic item too, if you like.


New Spells

With the following now available, it means all spell effects in Daggerfall Unity are done. Same goes for all class & race advantages/disadvantages, diseases, poisons, and most of the item powers. The long laundry list of effect-based code is finally close to the finish line.


Dispel Daedra & Undead (Interkarma)

Boop! And the undead are gone! There’s a similar spell for bothersome Daedric infestations as well. Be careful with this spell that you don’t banish your quest target to Oblivion. Banishment doesn’t count as a kill.

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Shield (Interkarma)

The shield effect will absorb some or all incoming damage to the player. This includes physical, magical, and even fall damage.


Comprehend Languages (Interkarma)

This effect increases your chance to pacify enemies by speaking soothing lies about how you won’t backstab them the moment they stop looking. Thanks again to Allofich for clarifying how effect operates in classic.


General Fixes & Improvements

Another big list of bug fixes and small tweaks.

  • Fixes for positioning of custom loot containers (TheLacus)
  • Fixes to texture scale of some TRAV* IMG replacements (TheLacus)
  • Fix for invalid collider on custom ladder (TheLacus)
  • Fix for ModSettingsEditor exception when no mod loaded (TheLacus)
  • Reset class creator state when starting over (Numidium)
  • Spellbook now clears labels and icons when no spell selected(Pango)
  • Fixes to some text and message keys (Pango)
  • Fix custom class advancement confirmation when difficulty dagger too high or low (Pango)
  • Fix label alignment in exterior automap with free scale enabled (Pango)
  • Fixes to closing level-up UI when not desired (Pango)
  • Fix to spatial blend of quest sound effects – VENGEANCE is back again! (Pango)
  • Spell merchant – spells are now sorted in alphabetical order (Pango)
  • Fix classic mode attack range (Allofich)
  • Fix case where AI can become stuck during strafing (Allofich)
  • Fixes and cleanup to senses code (Allofich)
  • Fix concealment spells to work again (Allofich)
  • Fix quest enemies from being pacified via language checks (Allofich)
  • Improve pursue behaviour (Allofich)
  • Allow spawned guards to get player’s location (Allofich)
  • Fix how faction flags are merged (Allofich)
  • Implement “cm” (create mobile) console command to generate enemy mobiles (Allofich)
  • Implment “tai” (toggle AI) console command to enable/disable enemy AI (Allofich)
  • Classic update no longer runs when game is paused, fixing breath going down while paused underwater (Allofich)
  • Add soul traps to “add” console command (Allofich)
  • Fix non-paperdoll artifacts appearing on paperdoll (Allofich)
  • Prevent non-guard spawns while player in water (Allofich)
  • Fix %loc macro not expanding correctly in talk UI (Nystul)
  • Quest popups now reveal dialog linked talk options (Nystul)
  • Fix so dialog linked resources only resolve if macro type is NameMacro1 (Nystul)
  • Fixes for most texture alignment issues (Ferital)
  • Swap colour of towns and homes on travel map to match filter buttons (Ferital)
  • Updated project to Unity 2018.2.21f1 (Interkarma)
  • Only enemies capable of opening doors will do so (Interkarma)
  • Exclude static NPCs with special ShowTextWithInput action record from talk system (Interkarma)
  • Exposed maximum stat ceiling formula to mod system (Interkarma)
  • Fix emulation of multiple “when” triggers on a single task (Interkarma)
  • Allow negative values in “legal repute” action (Interkarma)
  • Fixes and improvements to saving throws (Interkarma/Numidium)
  • Ambient light changes now only smoothly change inside dungeons (Interkarma)
  • Mobile NPCs will no longer walk on partial water tiles (Interkarma)
  • Only show “you feel drained” when drain amount > 0 (Interkarma)
  • Fix loading exterior save after dungeon death (Interkarma)
  • Fix expertise in weaponry not being set by custom class creator (Interkarma)
  • Fix increased magery default not set by custom class creator (Interkarma)
  • Refactor nearby objects system to use correct enemy groups (Interkarma)
  • Enable remaining vampire spells now all spell effects implemented (Interkarma)
  • Remove duplicate language tally (Interkarma)
  • Fixes to interior action door model & texture selection (Interkarma)
  • Fix MessageBox with prompt closing when not intended (Interkarma)
  • Fix mobile transform parent for wilderness mobiles so they work with floating origin (Interkarma)
  • Improvements to quest timers and fix for improper +1 day to some timers (Interkarma/Elenwel/Pango)
  • Fix to “say” quest action execution (Interkarma)
  • Implement “when attribute <attributeName> is at least <minAttributeValue>” quest trigger (Interkarma)
  • Fixes to always on trigger handling (Interkarma)
  • Effect broker can now accept custom effect registrations (Interkarma)
  • Summoned items timer now saves/loads correctly (Interkarma)
  • Summoned items can no longer be removed/dropped/sold (Interkarma)
  • Summoned items now have a blue background (Interkarma)
  • Summoned items will no longer stack with normal items (Interkarma)
  • Fix file exclusivity lock issue affecting Anthology game files due to install location (Interkarma)
  • Windows users can now use “daggerfallunity.exe -force-glcore” to start DFU with OpenGLCore renderer for testing (Interkarma)


And that’s it for March 2019. Coming up in April, I’ll be working on completing the magic item creator so we can finally craft custom magic items in Daggerfall Unity.


For more frequent updates on Daggerfall Unity, follow me on Twitter @gav_clayton.

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