New Exploring Tools

I’ve mentioned in the past that I plan on releasing standalone exploring tools based on DFConnect. The first of these tools is under development now, and proceeding rapidly. Below are a couple of screenshots of Daggerfall Imaging 2.0.


Daggerfall Imaging has always been the least favourite of my old tools. Despite solid exporting features, it was let down by many aspects of the user interface. To date it is the only tool I have received negative feedback about. For these reasons it became the first program I wanted to revisit as DFConnect matures.

I plan on releasing the first version of Daggerfall Imaging 2.0, complete with source code, before the end of May. This will coincide with an update to DFConnect. The goal is to create something useful and fun while honing DFConnect through actual use.

Time permitting, I hope to turn out new small-to-medium exploring tools every few months. This will give everyone something to play with and demonstrate what DFConnect is capable of.

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