The “Vengeance” Update

A few weeks on from the Fighters update and the quest system is now ready to run with Daggerfall’s main story quest. Well, the first few quests at least. Welcome to the Vengeance update!


The aim of this test cycle is to ensure the main quest can be experienced by a non magic using character. My plan is to roll out the main quest in small bite-sized pieces with the ability to reset the main quest instantly to one of several critical points along the way. This forum post has all the details.

In summary, you can use the console command “setmqstage number” to setup your character level, reputation, global variables, and quest loadout to start testing main quest from any point. Right now stage 1 and 2 are active, and more will be added in the coming weeks.


By limiting quests to a handful at a time, I can build out remaining quest actions in small pieces while bug-fixing the live quests. Hopefully this will keep testers on track and communicating in a standard way. But you can try to play ahead through the whole main quest right now if you so choose. Only please keep in mind some of the later quests are missing action support and will not execute properly. So play ahead for fun but keep the real testing and feedback for the current stages.


Also new in this version is full save/load of quest state. If a quest breaks or doesn’t go as planned, you can send me your save file and I’ll be able to inspect what’s happening from the save data. A lot of other bug fixes and small improvements have also made their way into the latest builds.


You will find latest builds on the Live Builds page as usual. I hope you enjoy playing through the first few story quests in Daggerfall Unity. Don’t forget, this forum thread is the right place for discussion and feedback. If you want more micro updates on the project, follow me on Twitter @gav_clayton.

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  1. Glad to see another update! Been testing since you’ve uploaded it. Nice to have stuff to do in this port now. Keep up the good work man.

  2. @Deathcrush

    Almost, yeah. All of the decompiled quests are in place and quest system is somewhere around 80-85% complete. Work from here is to build out remaining actions/conditions and test until I’m confident my quest engine properly emulates classic Daggerfall’s execution flow. Hopefully things will proceed fairly quickly from here and I can get started on magic system.

  3. For someone who has only been playing Daggerfall off and on for the past few months, hell, someone who is still on their first character, I can say that this project makes me continually excited. Thank you for your continued efforts. It is my hope that when the day comes that this project is completed that I will finally be able cajole my friends to play Daggerfall without fear of them quitting prematurely – which is just a damn shame.

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