Daggerfall Unity 0.10.24

Daggerfall Unity 0.10.24 is now available on Live Builds page.

New Features

Improved Spectral Appearance (Pango/Interkarma)

So far in Daggerfall Unity, spectral enemies like Ghosts and Wraiths appear only as a grey solid. In classic, these enemies appear as a very dark semi-transparent solid with red eyes. The thing is, these classic sprites actually have a lot of fine details inside them like bones and cloth that aren’t visible in either classic or Daggerfall Unity.

After some collaboration between Pango and I, we’ve setup an import process and custom shader to finally show off these fine details and correctly render spectrals as semi-transparent with red eyes. This is how ghosts and wraiths look in classic game data, just the DOS game couldn’t render them this way.


Pango added a very small amount of emission to their lighter areas so they have just a hint of their spooky form in pitch darkness.


Daedra Seducer Transformation (Interkarma)

In classic, the Daedra Seducer can transform into a winged enemy. This transformation is now implemented in Daggerfall Unity, making the Seducer an even more formidable encounter.


Something worth noting is that classic lacks any sprites for winged-form Seducer from any orientation other than facing player. This isn’t a problem in classic as enemies will only fight player, but in DFU it means the winged Seducer cannot turn to face other enemies (as that art doesn’t exist in game data). For this reason, winged Seducers will not participate in infighting if that option is enabled. The humanoid form has these facing sprites and will continue to participate in infighting as before.


Joystick Window (jefetienne)

Now that Daggerfall Unity has controller support, the joystick window can finally be implemented. Jefetienne has done amazing work here in adding modern controller support to the game.


In case you don’t notice jefetienne’s other general fixes below, he has also fixed several problems with joystick and mouse compatibility introduced in previous release. These two input methods now co-exist more peacefully.


Autorun Key (jefetienne)

If you’re tired of holding down shift to run, there’s now a new autorun key binding available. Bound to Middle-Mouse button by default, this will toggle autorun on/off. You can also stop autorun by hitting the “backwards” keybind. The autorun keybind can be changed in jefetienne’s reworked Advanced Controls menu.


Mod Mismatch Warning (jefetienne)

Adding and removing mods can be tricky business. Sometimes a mod will add changes to your save game that break compatibility once mod is removed. This change by jefetienne will save mod loadout with your save games and warn you when loading that save against a different mod loadout. You can still continue and ignore the differences.


Travel Map Dot Outlines (Pango)

After discussions with colour blind forum members, Pango has added an option to draw outlines around travel map dots to increase their general visibility. This can be enabled at startup from Advanced > Interface > Outline regional map locations.


Vampire Guild Switching (Hazelnut)

Vampires of Daggerfall – take heed! From 0.10.24, your guild reset has finally been implemented by Hazelnut. This means your bloodsucker will reset guild memberships after upgrading, as they would have when turning into a vampire initially. This doesn’t change your reputation with anyone, just memberships. You’ll be able to rejoin your guilds right away and raise in ranks again quickly.

The main problem is Thieves and Dark Brotherhood. Just like classic, there’s no way to re-join them in game if you have already. We’re looking into solutions for this design flaw carried over from classic. In the interim, you can use the following console commands to rejoin as a vampire. These are case sensitive.

“guildjoin GeneralPopulace”

Dark Brotherhood
“guildjoin DarkBrotherHood”

If you’re cured of being a vampire, all your previous memberships will be restored. If you get infected with vampirism again, you’ll go back to the memberships you maintained as a vamp. It’s like you’re two different people. Kinda. Just roll with it, it’s Daggerfall. 🙂


General Fixes & Improvements


  • Fix for missing building bug when making round trips between certain locations


  • Use lookup table to implement palettization for improved performance
  • Allow retro mode to selectively postprocess sky
  • Fix rounding errors in weight calculations to match classic as multiples of 0.25kg
  • Add dark grey colors to retro mod palette
  • Prevent fast travel during day with “damage from sunlight” disadvantage


  • Ability to also cancel spell with ready weapon key
  • Decoupled mouse sensitivity and added joystick movement threshold and joystick sensitivity options
  • Add keybinds for improved joystick support
  • Add joystick deadzone option
  • Add EnableController option
  • Improved mouse/joystick handling
  • Proper rest ending via stop button, toggle button, or escape key
  • Rest conclusion now only says “healed” when player is fully healed
  • Update options text of “Invert Mouse Y” to “Invert Look Y”
  • Added ability for custom prevention of resting
  • Add bow drawback and toggle sneak options to advanced controls
  • Fix previousAxis state to be properly flushed per frame


  • Implement CastWhenHeld on-equip durability loss
  • Fix Daedra summoning selection to match classic behaviour
  • Set Montalion vampire spell to Recall
  • Fix import of classic old guild records


  • Targeted access modifiers to UI windows from private to protected


  • Fix issue with Save and Close buttons on mods window


  • Fix Giant Killing ending conditions
  • Remove variable pronoun fromLord Kavar quest
  • Fix dead body scripting in classic quests
  • Remove delays in Antique Ivory Thieves Guild quest
  • Remove unnecessary delayed quest ends
  • Fix M0B21Y19 spawn and multiple bodies/letters


  • Refactor CreateCharClassQuestions for greater readability


  • Fix strengthens armor / weakens armor enchantment application and display on paper doll


  • Implement MagicRound payload callback for enchantment effects
  • Raise IsResting flag while rest UI open
  • Unsubscribe EntityEffectManager events not being correctly unsubscribed
  • Reworked CastWhenHeld durability loss while item equipped to better match classic
  • Fix bug where CastWhenHeld items lost durability too quickly
  • Implement OnSleepEnd event
  • Fix incorrect result of AllSkillsHealed() check
  • Fix “item is broken” message spam
  • Fix memory leak in VerticalProgress.SetColor()
  • Support using depth buffer in retro postprocess setup
  • Don’t rearm “add face” action to prevent HUD face spam
  • Fix bug where CullResourceTarget() might cull resource from current location
  • Change PlayerEnterExit.BuildingDiscoveryData to public set
  • Handle broken spells with no effects
  • Allow mods to set levitate move speed
  • Serialize smaller dungeon state with quest saves to lay groundwork for SmallerDungeons to leave experimental
  • Rework movement acceleration to simple toggle (off/on) that is off by default
  • Don’t select children NPCs for random “work around town” quest assignment
  • Don’t play vampire/lycanthrope warning video if already played
  • Implement LycanthropyType() helper
  • Fix Local_X.X negative career group selecting “people of region” faction
  • Fix fade-in progress when another UI window is pushed
  • Fix Slaughterfish idle/move animation
  • CastWhenHeld items now reroll effects like classic
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  1. If there are two layers in the spectral sprites, maybe the shader car vary their transparency in time, so that the bones will randomly dynamically show and hide?
    Should look cool.

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