Interiors Web Demo

I’ve uploaded a new web demo showing interior/exterior transitions of town buildings.

Wayrest Interiors
Controls: WSAD to move, SPACE to jump, SHIFT to toggle run, LEFTMOUSECLICK to activate doors, ESC to uncapture mouse.

I’m far from done with interiors, but the above demo is interesting in that all interiors are loaded procedurally. All interior models, layout data, and materials are converted in realtime from native binary data, right inside your web browser.

Essentially, Daggerfall’s world is being constructed from original binary data on another platform without emulation. The same could be done for an iOS or Android build, or any other platform supported by Unity. The total compressed build size is only 17MB.

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  1. Wow awesome as always 🙂
    I don’t quite get the procedural loading though…You basically reverse engineered the way daggerfall create his map right? Cause if so… 0_0

    Also one thing…in the web demo I can’t seem to enter the castle…Is it because Castle are list has dungeon and must be loaded manually ?

    Anyway I’m eager to test that out myself ! Keep up the good work mate! You one mighty programmer !

  2. Thanks! 🙂 You’re right about the castle, it’s a dungeon and needs to be handled differently to building interiors. The next update will make it possible to go inside dungeons at run-time. I’ll post another web demo once this is close to being ready.

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