Unity 5 Released!

Unity 5 has been released, and with it comes the new Personal version with all the same core engine features as Professional. This is great news for Daggerfall Tools for Unity! Here’s why.

  • Deferred path for everyone. Daggerfall uses many small dynamic point lights, ideally suited for deferred rendering. Up until now Free users were limited to the Forward path, which struggled with Daggerfall’s lighting. As an added bonus the new Deferred Shading path is even sexier than the old Deferred Lighting pre-pass (now called Legacy).
  • Render-to-texture. There are many real-time effects that can only be accomplished when rendering direct to a texture. This feature was completely absent in the old Free, which means I couldn’t make use of it in the tools.
  • Post processing and advanced water. All of these Pro-only features are now available to everyone, and we can finally make use of them as standard.
  • 64-bit editor. The new editor performs substantially faster on city imports and in many other areas.
  • Improved physics. As in, hugely improved! Moving static colliders now incurs almost zero cost, which fixes several problems around a floating origin in streaming world.
  • Physically Based Shading, real-time shadows on any light, and general sexiness. Now there are even more ways to spice up Daggerfall’s boxy models to look their best.

And that’s just the main stuff. There are also improvements to audio system and throughout Unity as a whole.

Considering the number of awesome features now available to all Unity users, I will be shifting Daggerfall Tools for Unity up to 5.0 and dropping a 1.3 Developer Preview as soon as possible.

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  1. Totally understand why you are switching to Unity 5, but kinda sad. I am skipping Unity 5 altogether. Although, I’ve been to busy to really use your tools so I guess it is a moot point.

    Good luck with the project. I will keep an eye on your work.

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